The Peopleplace artwalk self-portrait corridor.

Peopleplace Cooperative Preschool in Camden brought nature and art together on a recent evening in a unique exhibition. The artwork, produced by 2 to 5-year-olds made for a beautiful walk through the Peopleplace woods and a demonstration of how children process information and show their learning.

In the Peopleplace artwalk exhibit, Rudy holds his own hand.






Various work in both two and three dimensions was displayed throughout the woods. Parents were invited to walk along the path and take in the setting, with art scattered and hung throughout, appreciating the work their children have been producing over the course of the school year.



This celebration of learning, when displayed in the setting of the outdoor classroom, takes on a life of its own. The exhibit was the perfect example of bringing art and nature together in one place for everyone to gather and enjoy. The event ended with all of the families on the playground, where refreshments were served, and families celebrated another year of surviving a global pandemic. Learning and growth were displayed in the woods — but went beyond just aesthetics. The social-emotional skills young children develop and the strong community that is fostered by attending preschool prepares them for the next step as they enter elementary school.