On May 25th, my husband and I were walking to town from Quarry Hill. At the intersection of Park Street and Elm Street, my husband fell. While he was lying on the ground a group of concerned strangers stopped to help him. We appreciated their kind help and their contributing to his comfort as he lay on the ground. The material contributions included a colorful blanket for him to lie on and two folded-up long-sleeved tops to act as pillows.

These items went with him when the ambulance took him to the emergency room at Pen Bay. I was so concerned about my husband and so appreciative of this kindness of strangers, that I neglected to get their names and contact information.

My husband has been moved to a room in the hospital and I still have the blanket and “pillows” which I would like to return to their generous owners.

Please contact me with any information you have that would help me return these items to their rightful owners.

Barbara Buss