Love is always the answer.

Love unites us.

We are saddened by the recent event in Uvalde, Texas. I hope that our representatives included us, the Maine people who send condolences, as well as the legislators.

Mars is in Aries (once every two years approximately). This began May 24 and lasts until July 5. May 24 is when the shocking horrifying, violent murdering of fourth-grade children took place in Uvalde, Texas. Yikes.

Mars often is about reacting from suppressed anger. It’s an energy that when directed which can be for good or ill. Mars has to do with war and also for empowerment to right the wrongs.

We have choices of how we use Mars’ energy.

Our shared sorrow and anger can unite us. I’m referring to the need to ban assault weapons which have been bought and used to kill human beings.

I know the Second Amendment makes sense and was correctly written. Assault weapons are extreme. The horrendous event which recently took place in Uvalde, Texas and before that in Buffalo, N.Y. and before that and before that and on it goes today…It’s all just…too much!

With Jupiter now conjoined with Mars in Aries we are overwhelmed emotionally. What to do? The people must speak, we have the power of Love to unite and use our power to communicate to those who make laws to represent us, the people. Now is the time. The Sun is in Gemini and is all about communicating. Mercury, ruling planet of Gemini, will be direct on Friday 4 a.m. June 3. Compose your letters now. Put them in the mail (or email) then, not before in order to get the best results = being heard.

Please contact Susan Collins; Governor Mills; Angus King; Chellie Pingree; President Biden and whoever else you feel inclined to contact. Even if you have an opinion that says… they don’t listen… do it anyway! I did write my letters on the May 24 when I first learned the news. Maybe I’ll write more; it depends on what my intuition nudges me to do (a Mars word).

I KNOW that healing is taking place.

I think it’s time to redefine the word, “God.” We need “God.” For me this is the Love within which unities.

God is Divine Love which is VAST, beyond imagination and definition.

Ananur Forma has studied Astrological Wisdom since the 1970s. She can be reached at with questions or to set up a personal, astrological chart reading. Her website is