ROCKLAND — The following is news from the Rockland Golf Club:

On Monday, May 30, in men’s individual points play, James Anderson, Warren Marshall and Jason Willis finished tied for first at +2; Mike Bonzagni, fourth at even; and Andy Arey, fifth at -1.

Pins: James Anderson, 8-4 on the fifth hole; and Jason Willis, 4-2 on the 10th.

On Sunday, May 29, in men’s team points play, Lincoln Page, Dave McLellan Jr., Mark Manzi and Rick Erickson combined to finish first at +4; and John Spear, Mer Doucette and Andy Arey, along with James Anderson, Mark Anderson and Rick Knight, tied for second at -1.

Pins: James Anderson, 20-1 on the 10th; and Mer Doucette, 20-0 on the 18th.

On Saturday, May 28, in men’s league individual points play, Lincoln Page and James Anderson finished tied for first at +2; Mer Doucette, third at +1; and Mark Manzi and Mike Bonzagni, tied for fourth at even.

Pin: James Anderson, 10-9 on the 10th.

On Thursday, May 26, in women’s association 6-6-6 play, Molly Mugler, Mary Clewett and Marty Jones combined to finish first gross 98; and Madolin Fogarty, Monica Clark and Heidi Lyman, as well as Kathy Harper, Kathy Macpherson and Joni Hall, tied for first net 78

Pins: Molly Mugler, 9-4 on the fifth; Marty Jones, 59-6 on the 10th; and Kate Hewlett, 13-0 on the 18th.

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