ROCKLAND — On Thursday, May 26, Rockland Police hosted the company WRAP which presented and demonstrated its BolaWrap 150 for area law enforcement, mental health professionals and Rockland City Councilors.

Like “remote handcuffs”, the BolaWrap is a remote restraint device that discharges a Kevlar cord to restrain non-compliant individuals from a range of 10 to 25 feet, the Rockland Police Department stated in a news release.

“Unlike other tools, the BolaWrap does not rely on pain compliance, and is not a defensive or offensive weapon. The BolaWrap is designed to restrain non-compliant subjects so law enforcement can de-escalate and safely control a subject,” the department stated.

More than 750 law enforcement agencies across the United States and 46 countries have BolaWrap devices and they have been used to safely end an otherwise dangerous situation, according to the release.

“Rockland Police look forward to further exploring this technology and available grant funding, to be able to give its officers every available tool to best serve the citizens of Rockland,” the department concluded in the statement.