CUSHING — A Republican candidate for a local seat in the Maine House of Representatives posted an apology on social media two days after she claimed that “liberal teachers” were to blame for a school shooting at a Texas elementary school that killed 19 children and two teachers.

“I’ll go a step further and say the teachers that molded this kid into a #killer should be arrested for multiple MURDERS,” Republican Heather Ann Sprague posted Wednesday, May 25 on her Facebook page.

Salvador Ramos opened fire Tuesday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. He was killed by police who responded.

The Associated Press is reporting that Ramos bought two AR-style rifles just days before attack, soon after his 18th birthday, and seemed to hint online that something was about to happen.

Sprague claimed that there were pictures on social media of the shooter dressed in women’s clothing.

“All I have to say is this is the result of what happens when kids are pushed past their limits. It’s obvious he was brainwashed in school by liberal teachers to think he shouldn’t be a male. If this crap doesn’t stop we will have more shootings because there are a lot more confused, fed up and now mentally ill kids out there thanks to the #publicschoolsystem THIS is why I have been TRYING to get the truth out about what the schools are doing to our youth because it’s DANGEROUS,” Sprague stated.

Sprague was contacted by the Courier-Gazette and asked whether she truly believes the teachers were to blame for the murders. There was no response yet on that question.

In another post she said “more and more I can’t help but think these shootings are on purpose to push gun control with the lives of babes. If they’re not getting shot they’re getting aborted… It’s disgusting and EVIL. If elected I will push to have armed guards at ALL our schools here in Maine,” Sprague stated.

On Thursday, May 27 post, an apology from her was posted on her Facebook page.

“I was so hurt thinking about the families in Texas that had suffered these tragic losses that I let my concern and some false information get the best of me,” Sprague said May 27 on her Facebook post.

“In the future, I’ll keep in mind that real-time information is often false. I’m running to help my constituents struggling with high gas prices, out of control heating oil costs, and a general sense that things are spiraling out of their control. I apologize for for laying blame at those who didn’t deserve it, including teachers, and for distracting from the serious problems I’m running to address,” Sprague concluded.

Sprague submitted her nomination papers and qualified for the June 14 Republican primary ballot for the Maine House District 43 seat. District 43 represents Cushing, Thomaston, South Thomaston, St George, and the remainder of Owls Head. No other Republicans are seeking the seat.

A Facebook message and email message were sent to the Knox County Republican Committee Wednesday afternoon asking whether the party supports Sprague’s position. There has not yet been a response.

The seat is held by Rep. Ann Matlack, a St. George Democrat. Matlack is running for re-election for a third consecutive two-year term in the Maine Legislature. There are no other Democrats seeking the seat nor have any unenrolled candidates registered to run.

Matlack issued a statement May 25 after being contacted by the Courier.

“I was horrified to hear of the mass murder of children and teachers at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas yesterday. To attribute this devastating act to anyone other than the gunman is unfathomable. We do not yet know why the gunman shot his grandmother and then went to Robb Elementary and killed at least 21 others, including 19 young children, but to imply that those in that school brought it on themselves is irresponsible and callous,” Matlack said.

The winners of the primaries will be on the November general election ballot.