I am writing in support of Denise Munger for Rockport Select Board. I have known and worked with Denise for more than five years and know her to be a thoughtful, considerate, and hard-working person.

Denise is a “Yes” person. When something needs to be done, she is the first person to raise her hand to say, “I’m happy to help with that.” Then she proceeds to get it done. She also believes in finding solutions to complex problems through listening to differing opinions and through open and thoughtful dialogue. Her years as an environmental lawyer doing complex negotiations resulting in compromise serves her well as a Select Board member. She is not quick to judge or rush to decision making when issues are complex.

With all the challenges facing Rockport, Denise is the person we need on our Select Board. She respects previous town votes showing the will of our people, she listens, she makes the time to thoroughly study the issues and she works to find solutions through compromise.

Please vote for Denise Munger for Select Board.

Joan Welsh
Former State Representative for Camden, Rockport & Islesboro