WISCASSET — The 2022 stock car season continued to roll on Saturday, May 21 at Wiscasset Speedway as the racing heated. Group 1 returned for a full night of action, which included the T&L Automotive Enduro Series.

The Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stocks were the spotlight division of the night with a 50-lap race to kick off an exciting night of feature racing.

Josh St. Clair of Liberty, middle, Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stock winner. Photo courtesy of Amy Harrop

2021 Pro Stock champion, Josh St. Clair, won his heat race and started on the front row for the feature. St. Clair got an early jump on his competitors, but Kevin Douglass (week 1 and 2 winner) quickly came through the field, as he maneuvered through traffic after starting from the end of the pack.

A late-race caution on lap 39 brought the field together for a final 11 lap shootout. Douglass hard-charged in the closing laps, as he pulled to St. Clair’s door with five laps to go. The drivers remained neck and neck for the remainder of the feature and even made slight contact coming through the final turn, which resulted in St. Clair sliding through the infield grass as he crossed the finish line. St. Clair miraculously held on to pick up his first Pro Stock victory (fifth overall win of the season). Douglass and Steven Chicoine (first podium finish of the season) rounded out the top three.

Tiger Colby, middle, the Market 27 Super Streets winner. Photo courtesy of Amy Harrop

Dustin Salley took off with the early lead in the 25-lap Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Mini feature. However, David Cook also was on a mission, as he made his way from 18th to second in six laps. Cook dove to the inside of Salley on lap six, as he swiftly took over the lead. Week 1 winner Zach Audet took over the runner-up spot on lap 14 and set his sights on Cook, as he attempted to reel in the leader. Cook managed to hold off Audet through the closing laps of the feature, to pick up his second victory of the 2022 season. Salley followed to round out the podium.

Division rookie, Alex Smith, held the early advantage over his competitors in the 30-lap Market 27 Super Streets feature. He held strong through lap seven, where Michael Harrison took over the top spot. It was an uphill battle for Harrison, who fought to fend off P.J. Merrill and Tiger Colby. A late-race caution on lap 18 brought the field together and brought opportunity for Colby, who powered into the lead on the restart. A slew of cautions in the coming laps made for a lot of stop and go for the leaders, but Colby powered through and held off his competitors, as he picked up his first career victory in the Super Streets. Merrill and Matt Beers rounded out the top three.

David Cook, winner of Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Minis. Photo courtesy of Amy Harrop

The Brackett’s Market 4-Cylinder Pro Division rounded out the points racing program with a final 25-lap feature. Garrit McKee Jr. took off with the early lead in the feature while his competitors battled three-wide for the runner-up spot. Sylas Ripley came out of the battle victorious to take second before he quickly overtook McKee for the top spot. A mid-race incident on lap 13 involving heavy hitters McKee, Josh Hall and Callahan Cox brought the field together for a 12-lap drag race to the finish. Ben Burgess quickly reeled in Ripley in the closing laps and made his way to Ripley’s door on the final lap. Burgess was unable to close the deal, as he went for a spin on the backstretch. Ripley maintained his advantage through the final two turns to pick up his first career victory at Wiscasset Speedway at the tender age of 12 years old. Ripley happily celebrated with his friends and family in victory lane, a group that included his dad, Darin. The Ripley family is synonymous with Wiscasset Speedway and Sylas Ripley is doing his family justice at such a young age. McKee (first career podium finish) and Josh Hall finished the top three.

The night concluded with the T&L Automotive Enduro Series, where 33 Enduro cars rolled out for an exciting 100-lap feature. Mike Landry of Madison took home the top spot, as he completed the 100 laps. Martin Emerson and Jeff Read rounded out the top 3 and also were the only other drivers to successfully complete 100 laps.

The individual racing results were:

Norm’s Used Cars Pro Stock (50 laps) — 1, Josh St. Clair, Liberty; 2, Kevin Douglass, Sidney; 3, Steven Chicoine, Windsor; 4, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 5, Jamie Wright, Woolwich; 6, Logan Melcher, Fayette; 7, Dave Getchell, Cornville; 8, Joe Harriman, Montville; 9, Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin; 10, Joey Peaslee, Thomaston; 11, Shane Lane, North Anson; 12, Nick Calvert, Steep Falls; and 13, Branden Fowler, Rome.

Sweatt’s Concrete Thunder 4 Minis (25 laps) — 1, David Cook, Jay; 2, Zach Audet, Norridgewock; 3, Dustin Salley, South Paris; 4, Brandon Lizotte, Alfred; 5, Butch Keene, Turner; 6, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 7, Jeff Farrington, Alna; 8, Adreonna Dodge, Freeport; 9, Doug Degroat, Oxford; 10, Shane Webber, New Vinyard; 11, Bruce Hall Jr., Chesterville; 12, Richard Austin, Norridgewock; 13, Steve Hall, Sebago; 14, Jeremy Farrar, Hebron; 15, Gunner Josselyn, New Vinyard; 16, Adam Audet, Norridgewock; 17, Logan Maddocks, Appleton; 18, Ches Williams, Hope; 19, Michael Golding, Pownal; 20, James Grover, Newcastle; 21, Joshua Hall, Sebago; 22, Derek Cook, Livermore Falls; and 23, Tyler Field, Warren.

Market 27 Super Streets (30 laps) — 1, Tiger Colby, Wiscasset; 2, PJ Merrill, Canton; 3, Matt Beers, Farmingdaled; 4, Brett Osmond, Wiscasset; 5, Richard Pelton, Scarborough; 6, Dominic Curit, Saco; 7, Mike St. Pierre, Buxton; 8, Alex Smith, Hollis; 9, Zack Bowie, Greene; 10, Nicole Benincasa, Buxton; 11, Mike Wallace, Wiscasset; 12, Brandon Bourne, Wickfield, N.H.; 13, Nick Morton, Woolwich; 14, Brandon Bailey, Wiscasset; 15, Darick Barker, Durham; 16, Michael Harrison, Durham; 17, David Greenleaf, Westport; 18, Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset; 19, Josh St. Clair, Liberty; and 20, Charlie Sanborn III, Scarborough.

Brackett’s Market 4-Cylinder Pro (25 laps) — 1, Sylas Ripley, Warren; 2, Garritt McKee, Dixmont; 3, Josh Hall, Mount Vernon; 4, Andy Kaherl, Saco; 5, Taylor Lane, Phillips; 6, Daniel Harding, Fairfield; 7, Ben Burgess, Hartford; 8, Callahan Cox, Harrison; and 9, Jacobe Thacker, Winthrop.

T&L Automotive Enduro (100 laps) — 1, Mike Landry, Madison; 2, Martin Emerson, Monmouth; 3, Jeff Read, Brunswick; 4, Josh Page, Bath; 5, Thomas Smith, Topsham; 6, Jeremy Darveau, West Gardiner; 7, Jason Sears, Skowhegan; 8, Jeremy Guptill, Cornish; 9, Park Clegg Jr., Pittston; 10, Jarody, Augusta; 11, Korey Solmitz, Mount Vernon; 12, Dylan York, Searsmont; 13, Kenny Bassett, Arrowsic; 14, Catherine Hubble, Franklin; 15, Crystal McKenna, Farmingdale; 16, Joshua Nelson, Limington; 17, Aaron Baker, Brunswick; 18, Avery Bowler, East Winthrop; 19, Corey Emery, Skowhegan; 20, Johnathin Hatch, Wilton; 21, Kevin Steele, Richmond; 22, Christie Stanley, Gardiner; 23, Phil Main Jr., Whitefield; 24, Rachel Kennedy, Chelsea; 25, Gary Dodge, Norridgewock; 26, Alex Hinckley, Pittston; 27, Roger Bradstreet, Topsham; 28, Ira Hatch, Watervillle; 29, Casey Bellows, China; 30, no name give, no town given; 31, Jessica Baker, Jay; 32, Taylor Delano, Wiscasset; and 33, Brad Clement, Readfield.

Amy Harrop works for Wiscasset Speedway.