The following deed transfers were recorded from May 5, 2022, through May 11, 2022, at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:

Pamela G. Con Terry, Jeremy C. Lee to Judith Lydon.
Chaz F. Guthrie, Samantha E. Guthrie, Samantha E. Esancy to Chaz F. Guthrie, Samantha E. Guthrie.
Dale E. Landrith Sr., Lois M. Landrith to Brian J. Baxstrom, Janice T. Baxstrom.

J and L Housing LLC to Holly O’Leary.
Virginia Smith Hibbard Trust, Stephen Todd Hibbard Trust, Virginia Smith Hibbard Trust of 1994, Stephen Todd Hibbard Trust of 1994 to Michelle Ajami Trust, Michelle Ajami Revocable Trust.
Adam J. Hatch, Angela N. Hatch to Sarah Marie Littlefield.
Steven A. Zizza to Andres Ortiz, Cheryl Ann Ortiz.
Peter Marvin Wheelock Est., Peter M. Wheelock Es.t to Susan D. Wheelock.

Karen Schilke, Robert Schilke to Robert W. Schilke Trust, Karen W. Schilke Trust, Schilke Joint Revocable Trust.

William F. Kiely Jr. to William L. Kiely.

Isle Au Haut
Marie E. Lane Trust, Marie E. Lane Revocable Trust to Brenda Lane.

Owls Head
William J. Glover to William J. Glover, Diana R. Glover.
Stuart H. Sylvester to Gwendolyn E. Christman.

Christopher J. Coakley, Katrina E. Coakley to Georgina E. Olsen, Kristopher J. Olsen.
William Carl Slocomb to Mark D. Lumino.
Mabel Shute Colby to Sylvia Roberts.
Lisa Davis to Sylvia Roberts.
Eileen Nuppula to Sylvia Roberts.
Paula Johnson to Sylvia Roberts.
Carol Shute to Sylvia Roberts.
Charles L Hare to Sylvia Roberts.
Harold Snowman to Sylvia Roberts.
Carla Snowman to Sylvia Roberts.
Emily Fitzgerald to Sylvia Roberts.
Susan G. Crane to John Bray.
June G. Budrow, Kent D. Thurston to Kent D. Thurston.
Sylvia Roberts to Maine Working Homes LLC.
City of Rockland to Sylvia Roberts, Harold Snowman.
Ellen S. Barnes to Coastal Productions LLC.

Justin Ward to Elizabeth Bettcher.
William E. Nuesse Est. to Eric P. Marsh, Kathryn A. Marsh, Terry Lee M. Walther.
Bank of New York Mellon Trust, Certificate holders of CWMBS Inc., CHL Mortgage Pass Through Trust 2005 HYB3, Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series 2005 HYB3, Newrez LLC, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Atty to Steven Phillips Moskowitz, Samuel Allan Moskowitz, Deborah Daigle Moskowitz.
Alan W. Joyner, Marlene D. Joyner to Kenneth Hayes, Judith Hayes.
Brendan H. Riordan to Benjamin Leoni, Lindsay Leoni Bourgoine.
Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates Association of Unit Owners to Jean Young, Lucy Banks.
Eric Lang Trust, Eric and Simone Lang Trust to Eric Lang Trust, Eric and Simone Lang Trust.
G. Scott Gazelle to Throop Wilder III, Deborah Weisgall.
Robert M. Kassa to Samoset Time Shares Association of Unit Owners.

South Thomaston
Christopher L. Young, Kimberley A. Young to Madelyn M. Young, Dayton M. Poland.
Orion Becker to Jessica Firth.

St. George
Scott D. Warrington, Amy J. Warrington to Elaine Griffin.
Andrew P. Hocking Sr., Andrew P. Hocking to Andrew P. Hocking Jr.
Craig C. Hupper to J. D. Miller Properties LLC.

Karen L. Moore to Sean Peasley, Sonja Peasley, Shaunacy Peasley Peters, Shaunacy Peasley Peters.

Richard V. Littlefield, Donna D. Littlefield to Segnini Juan Diego Perez, Segnini Juan Diego Perez.

Ralf G. Stevens, Katharene L. Stevens to Terence L. Ryan, Cheryl B. Ryan, Bryan Carle, Leah Carlez.

Gregory R. Boynton to Michael J. Elmore, Winonna M. Elmore.