HOPE — Michael Schultz is running for Select Board in Hope along with incumbent Bruce Haffner and Charles Weidman.

Michael Schultz

Camden Herald: Why are you running?

Schultz: I am running to support the needs of our beautiful town. My goal is to maximize the usage of the town people’s money, lower taxes and fix our roads. I will stand strong for our roots and values, while driving change and growth where needed. I believe this position will afford me the opportunity to help the town of Hope for the long term.

Supporting our larger community has been a goal of mine for many years now. The theme throughout our home has always been and continues to be “I want to get involved to help others and support something larger than myself!”

CH: How long have you lived in Hope?

S: I have lived in Hope going on seven years now. Prior to Hope, I lived in Wayne, ME, the small town my wife is from.

CH: What is your profession?

S: I work in Human Resources, leading process improvement and a team of Recruiting Professionals in the Information Technology sector. I have an engineering degree and support my wife’s small business as the Finance and Operations Manager.

CH: What committees or boards have you served on in the past if any?

S: I have served on Hope’s budget committee for this coming year. I was able to gain an insight into how the town allocates and spends our money. I also coach little league and turned down a board opportunity to pursue a larger role in helping the community.

CH: What would be your top priority if elected as a Select Board member?

S: My goal is to maximize the usage of the town people’s money, lower taxes and fix our roads.

CH: What do you see as the greatest challenges facing the Town of Hope?

S: The greatest challenge for the town is providing different solutions to our town’s people without driving up costs. We will struggle to keep pace with the current economic environment without having new ideas or different ways to maximize the usage of funds, else it will cost the taxpayers.

CH: What do you like about living in Hope?

S: I love the ability to live in nature and enjoy everything it brings. I like the friendly nature of our townspeople. The community feeling our town of Hope brings. The ability to speak and listen to different people’s challenges one on one, truly understanding the needs of each.