Memorial Day is a day that for years has been set aside for Americans to remember all the brave men and women who ultimately gave their lives in support of our country in all the wars and conflicts.

Jeff Sukeforth, Post Adjutant, brought the flags, 576 for Camden’s Mountain View Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Joseph A. Corrado.

Post 30 American Legion Veterans, family and community members gathered the morning of May 9 to place American flags at cemeteries in Camden and Lincolnville in honor of those who served and died in the many wars and conflicts of the U.S. military. Jeff Sukeforth, Post Adjutant, brought the flags, 576 for Camden’s Mountain View Cemetery alone.

Rosey Gerry put out a call for volunteers on the Lincolnville Bulletin Board and everyone gathered at Mountain View Cemetery where flags and new flag holders were distributed to volunteers. The volunteers quickly set about their work and the entire cemetery was adorned with new flags in 45 minutes!

Sukeforth said that Marine Corps Veteran Bob Oxton, of Camden, was placing American and Fire Department flags at the Oak Hill cemeteries. Veterans place the flags every year in advance of Memorial Day.

Sukeforth encourages visitors to the local cemeteries to take a few moments and walk through the cemeteries, especially Mountain View, as there are graves there that reflect Veterans resting places since the American Revolution.

Sukeforth said, “It is truly a sight to behold seeing the flags fly proudly on the graves. It is something that needs to be seen and the meaning of why this is done, taught to the young boys and girls so we may ever remember these heroes.”

According to Post 30 this year’s plan for Memorial Day is a return to normal. The Legion wants everyone to know that the Memorial Day parade will return and hopes that the community will join them in remembering the reason for the day. The Legion will publish a Parade schedule as soon as it has been completed.