ROCKPORT — James Annis is running against incumbent Denise Munger for a seat on the Rockport Select Board in June.

“I’ve always been interested in how our town spends our tax dollars,” Annis said. “l have been a selectman in the past.”

James Annis

Annis is retired, having worked for Verizon in the past. He studied at Rockport High School and Maine Maritime Academy, and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He said he has served on several committees.

On the issue of the breakdown in communication between the towns of Camden and Rockport over sewer fees, he notes that he was on the Select Board when the towns negotiated the 30-year agreement to send sewerage to Camden for treatment and discharge. He said he does not understand why the towns cannot communicate with each other and negotiate an agreement.

“There is room for negotiation everywhere,” he said.

He argues the town of Camden cannot simply shut Rockport off, and said if it did, it could end up having to pay for the consequences.

He said if the town of Rockport has to build a wastewater treatment plant, that would be a 3-4-year project.

On the issue of the two towns cooperating to provide police services, he said if it is working, great, leave it alone. “I’ve heard very few complaints about that.”

In general, he supports towns working together to save costs when providing services.

On the topic of the former RES property, he said simply that the town should not be in the real estate business.

He favored leaving the matter of short-term rentals alone, and did not see the need for more regulation.

In terms of balancing economic development with quality of life, he argued it should not be all one or the other and he sees the need for business to provide a tax base. “There has to be a happy medium,” he said.