CAMDEN — About 25 people, most of them community leaders, gathered Monday, May 16 at a parking lot on Park Street to celebrate the town’s Arbor Day event and look forward to plans to plant 50 new street trees this year.

Camden Tree Warden and Public Works Director Dave St. Laurent has been working with various committees including the town’s Garden Club and Conservation Commission, to order trees for the mass planting. The town now has a database online of trees in the community, and volunteers helping in the project can use an app on their phones to pinpoint locations of new plantings.

St. Laurent noted that this was work being done to ensure future generations in Camden get to enjoy shade trees, and he added that the trees help by using storm water.

Camden’s Arbor Day and Tree City Coordinator Nancy Caudle-Johnson spoke at the event and introduced other speakers. She and Douglas Johnson, owners of Treekeepers LLC, donated three new “Donald Wyman” crabapple trees that were planted to replace damaged and failing maples along Park Street in front of TD Bank. The area will henceforth be known as the Park Street Esplanade.

Camden Select Board member Marc Ratner read the Arbor Day Proclamation.

Camden Select Board member Marc Ratner reads the Arbor Day Proclamation. With him is Camden Arbor Day and Tree City Coordinator Nancy Caudle-Johnson. Photo by Daniel Dunkle

A new crabapple tree has been planted along Park Street in what will be known as the Park Street Esplanade. The tree was donated along with two others by Treekeepers LLC. Photo by Daniel Dunkle

Garden Club President Debra Stokes and local naturalist and climate activist Beedy Parker were also recognized at the event.

The town is part of Tree City, a program of the Arbor Day Foundation that promotes care of trees in communities. Caudle-Johnson announced at the event that she was passing the torch of Tree City Coordinator on to Select Board Vice Chair Alison McKellar.

Long-time former Tree Warden Rick Seibel was in attendance and thanked for his contributions to the town. Also in attendance were members of the Select Board, Town Manager Audra Caler and State Rep. Vicki Doudera.

Refreshments were served.

The passing of the torch is witnessed in Camden May 16. Nancy Caudle-Johnson, right, said she has found the person she needs to carry on the work of Tree City Coordinator in Select Board Vice Chair Alison McKellar, on the left. Photo by Daniel Dunkle