HOPE — Charles Weidman is running for Select Board in Hope along with incumbent Bruce Haffner and Michael Schultz.

Schultz did not respond to our email questions.

The election will be held June 14.

Camden Herald: Why are you running?

Weidman: Our system of government is a representative democracy. Basically, I’m hoping to embody the ideals of a representative democracy. If the select board has a choice between A and B and I really want A, but the majority of the town wants B, I’m going to advocate for A. But I will VOTE for B.

CH: How long have you lived in Hope?

W: My family has owned the property since 1979, and I spent summers in Hope since then, but I have only been a resident of Hope for about 10 years.

CH: What is your profession?

W: I own Charlie’s Marine Services. I specialize in bringing up boats when they sink, towing them back to port when they break down, diving and passenger service to the islands of Penobscot Bay. I am also a firefighter in Hope as well as an EMT and firefighter in South Thomaston.

CH: What committees or boards have you served on in the past if any?

W: I have just completed a three-year term on Hope’s Budget Committee.

CH: What would be your top priority if elected as a Select Board member?

W: To respond to the needs of the town in the manner that the majority of the town feels is the most prudent path.

CH: What do you see as the greatest challenges facing the town of Hope?

W: The biggest challenge facing Hope is the continuity of being able to keep doing the things that the town has always done in an environment of constantly rising prices. The Town can do ANYTHING that it wants, but it can’t do EVERYTHING that it wants.

CH: What do you like about living in Hope?

W: I love the rural flavor of the town. Not having houses stacked on top of one another is one of the things that makes Hope special.