ASHBURN, VA. — The Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) is pleased to announce that Pete Orne, SFO, Business Manager, Regional School Unit 13 in Rockland has earned the Certified Administrator of School Finance and Operations® (SFO®).

School business professionals who earn the SFO certification have proven that they have the required knowledge, expertise, and fiscal credibility to lead their school district and effectively manage the district’s finances.

“ASBO International’s SFO certification is an internationally recognized standardized assessment for school business officials. Increasingly we are seeing that certification is a driver that helps to raise the bar for sound fiscal management across all school districts,” says ASBO International executive director David J. Lewis. “SFOs are keenly sought after due to their experience and expertise in appropriately allocating resources to meet the current and future needs of their constituents.”

The SFO designation is granted to highly qualified school business professionals who fulfill multiple requirements, including demonstrating certification eligibility (through work experience and education); passing a comprehensive two-part exam that tests competency in accounting and school business management topics; and adhering to the ASBO International Certification Code of Conduct. School business officials who have earned the SFO certification commit to ongoing professional development, renewing the certification annually, and undergoing recertification every three years.

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