RALEIGH, N.C. — During the early morning hours of March 6, 2022, my beautiful blue-eyed daughter, Melinda Jane Haskins, passed through the open patio doors at Transitions Life Care to birdsong and gentle winds, thus completing her circle here on earth.

Yes, it was too soon and has left us all with deep sorrow, yet we know there is always tomorrow and Melinda will move forth with us in memory, and because we knew and loved her, and she us, we will strive to be better, kinder and braver in a world without her. When our days are darkened by the loss of her sweet and charming ways, we will find comfort in knowing her spirit and love still surrounds us.

We love you Melinda and for us you will remain, “Forever Young.”

Our sister Melinda, though from Maine, lived most of her adult life in North Carolina truly fitting in with the southern style of hospitality and friendliness. She worked her way up in Belk’s culminating in three or four managerial positions before moving on to work at her favorite shopping place, the Fresh Market, and other food service positions. She preferred to take a job at Food Lion during the COVID pandemic rather than collecting unemployment, where they also appreciated her friendly, helpful personality and her artistic ability to enhance displays.

She shared her life in North Carolina at different times with three lovely men and many friends over the years there that all her family came to care for also. Melinda was an enigma, and sometimes we wondered how well we really knew her. She leaves a huge hole in our hearts and lives and we miss her more than we knew possible. The gifts she shared with us over the years are bittersweet with the loss of her.

The last years of her life in Raleigh she was involved in the Providence Southern Baptist Church through a good friend, where she taught Sunday School, was baptized and felt the support of her fellow parishioners.

Wherever Melinda lived, people were drawn by her magnetic personality and her complimentary and outgoing ways. She loved connecting with old and new friends on social media and displaying photos of her favorite places. She adopted an amazing cat, Sammie, that she had for 10 years who was loyal and loving towards her till the end.

On Monday, June 6, 2022, at 10 a.m. a brief service will be held in remembrance of Melinda. This will be on board F/V Island Magic off the shore of Owls Head Light. Those who wish to attend should arrive at Pete Reed’s Wharf at the public float off the parking area at 9:30-9:45 a.m. where the boat will be docked.