By Karin Leuthy

Susan Collins says she was duped. The poor thing. Foolishly tricked by silver-tongued men who assured her, despite passing Trump’s Roe-killing litmus test, despite being the golden boys of the extreme right, and despite the frothy enthusiasm of every anti-abortion religious radical, that they would hold a half century of abortion rights precedent sacred. Never mind that she was fully briefed on their records opposing abortion, or that constitutional scholars issued clear warnings. Maybe she thought the Federalist Society threw her fancy fundraisers because of the power she wields leading the Special Committee on Aging.

Susan Collins never imagined things would turn out this way. Forget about the fact that thousands of her constituents called and wrote and visited to remind her how easily their rights could be taken away. Or that she witnessed the rights of her colleagues’ constituents in seven states being stripped, in real time, right before her eyes.

How the court came to be so out of step with public opinion is a mystery to Susan Collins. Maybe she never realized that her one vote holds the same weight as that of a senator from California, a state with 30 times the population of Maine. Or that the Republican senators who swept in anti-abortion Supreme Court justices were elected with 24 million fewer votes than their Democratic colleagues. She’s only been in the Senate for 26 years, after all. In that time, she approved the nominations of four Supreme Court Justices nominated by presidents who lost the popular vote and stood by flaccidly as her party denied a president who won the popular vote his right to fill a court vacancy.

Maybe Susan Collins didn’t think all the anti-abortion judges she confirmed would rule against abortion rights. It can be hard to tell sometimes, especially when the leaders of your party are broadcasting their intention to pack the courts with judges who will rule against abortion rights.

Poor Susan Collins. Maybe she really did get duped by a couple of good old boys who just told her what she wanted to hear. Or maybe she still thinks that she can dupe us.

Karin Leuthy is the founder and co-leader of Suit Up Maine, an all-volunteer civic engagement group dedicated to creating a more informed and engaged electorate in Maine.