Hey, so-called “Friends of Rockport,” given your ongoing actions, you are certainly not friends to most of the townspeople here in Rockport!

More than enough time and money has already been spent addressing the issues you all identified previously. All you are doing now is rehashing old questions, splitting minute hairs, and forcing our town to spend more time and money that could be better applied to and used for other beneficial uses. Stop the nonsense; withdraw your appeal and let the project get completed. Please note that this new hotel will bring more tax revenues to our town, helping to control our ever-growing tax burdens.

Ongoing non-essential behavior, beyond the initial questioning you all have already completed with no beneficial outcomes, only leads to other developers carefully watching our town to wonder if it is worth coming here, or if they should pursue taking their possible projects to build in other localities!

Also, it is high time that the rest of Rockport citizens indicate to the “Friends of Rockport” that we don’t want any more of our tax money spent by our town on addressing non-beneficial concerns, especially given the courts have already rendered their decision and guidance! We will remember this all the next time you all are looking for support to a project in your area of town!

George H Abendroth


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