ROCKPORT — “It’s like Christmas every day! People find things they love.”

George Elliott offers this as he runs the Pick of the Litter Swap Shop at the Midcoast Solid Waste Corp. on Union Street in Rockport on April 27. The shop had just opened for the season the day before and he said it will remain open until about the end of October.

Having just opened, the pickings were possibly slimmer than usual.

Used books ranging from trashy ’70’s paperbacks to a massive Catholic Bible fill shelves along one wall and a spinning rack of the kind one used to find in the neighborhood drug store.

LPs form a stack, tucked away on a lower shelf. Stuffed animals stare with glass eyes blankly from a shopping cart. White coffee mugs hang along one wall.

The Swap Shop seems to specialize in books. Photo by Daniel Dunkle

Elliott has been volunteering his time for nearly 22 years. He said the shop is the place for anything that still has “usability.”

“It’s good for everyone in the community,” he said. “It helps people who cannot afford things elsewhere. It keeps things out of the landfills.”

The Swap Shop is open Tuesday to Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

He said Saturdays tend to be busy. However, the shop draws all types of people, he said. There are regulars who check in every day.

A stack of records awaits new owners at the Swap Shop in Rockport. Photo by Daniel Dunkle

Dishes are another popular item at the Swap Shop. Photo by Daniel Dunkle

A swiveling rack of paperbacks waits for new readers at the Swap Shop in Rockport. Photo by Daniel Dunkle