ROCKPORT — Maine Media Workshops + College has raised more than $1 million for its Keystone Fund – an invested operating fund – more than one year ahead of its scheduled deadline.

Raising $1 million by 2023 has been a priority as Maine Media approaches its 50th anniversary and is completing the process for full accreditation with the New England Commission for Higher Education. Reaching the goal this year is a major milestone and was achieved well ahead of schedule.

Managing a $1 million reserve fund further ensures the financial security for the college.

“I am delighted that the funding goal for the Keystone Fund at Maine Media has been met,” said Nils Tcheyan, chair of Maine Media’s Board of Directors. “The Keystone Fund will help ensure a vibrant and exciting future for Maine Media during a period of rapid transition in educational models and visual storytelling.”

The Keystone Fund was established in 2018 by Meg Weston, then president of Maine Media. Michael Mansfield, current president and CEO, continued the effort when he took the reins in 2020.

Mansfield and Weston teamed up in 2021 to raise the final amount needed to complete the goal. “I’m grateful for the generosity of so many individuals who helped establish this critical fund for Maine Media,” Weston said. “I couldn’t be more pleased to have played a part in helping the school achieve this important goal.”

The goal was met through a grassroots campaign and demonstrates community and alumni support for Maine Media. More than 50 individuals and foundations contributed to the fund.

“This is an inspiring milestone. Our donors and alumni, and the community of Rockport, have been exceptionally generous. It gives meaningful testimony to the importance of Maine Media and our mission, and our impact. I’m eager to continue our work creating opportunities for visual artists and storytellers,” said Mansfield. “Those opportunities are more important now than ever before.”

Revenue generated from the Keystone Fund is unrestricted and can be used for programs, facilities, operating purposes, or reinvested into the fund.

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