THOMASTON — Several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for responsibility and having a positive attitude at a school-wide assembly April 26.

Students who received the Responsibility Award include: Essie Ross, David Grierson, Evelyn Curtis, Alyvia Baughman, Brooklyn Gamage, Swayze Prior, Greta Stinson, Isabella Guzman, Naomi Thompson, Nolan Sprowl, and Maden Jovin. Students receiving the Positive Attitude Award were: Jayla O’Hare, Lily Hatch, Seth Beckett, Ella Chamberlin, Danielle Harvey, Kai Liddell, Evelyn Fairfield, Oliver Hedstrom, Oliver Quinn, Elizabeth Mank, Karlee Melendez, Asher Hatch, Erica Zheng, and Kloe Maldonado.

Responsibility can be reflected in many areas of our lives. The most important aspect of being responsible is being accountable to oneself. Students who are responsible take ownership of their actions. They make sure to do what is required of them and also to do what is right, without being told or reminded to do so. They take responsibility for their choices and decisions.

Principal Ainslee Riley presents the Responsibility Award to (front) Swayze Prior, Isabella Guzman, Brooklyn Gamage, Alyvia Baughman (back) Greta Stinson, Naomi Thompson, Maden Jovin, and Nolan Sprowl. Photo courtesy of Thomaston Grammar School.

Students with a positive attitude look on the bright side and try to see the good in others and in the situation at hand. Their positivity and optimism is contagious and they help those around them to feel they can accomplish what needs to be done. They always strive to do their best and help others to feel they can as well.

Alora Stewart also received the Principal’s Award. Alora is an amazing member of the TGS community. Alora quietly and consistently does the right thing. She is accepting of others and is a good friend.

She stands up for what is right. She is always willing to help others, very often without being asked to do so. She is honest and respectful. She is an excellent example of a good citizen.

Principal Ainslee Riley presents Alora Stewart with the Principal’s Award. Photo courtesy of Thomaston Grammar School.