Student artists to be honored

A reception for Prescott students, whose work is displayed at Gibbs Library, will be held Thursday, April 28, from 6-7 p.m. at the library. Youngsters — and their parents — are celebrating the 17th Annual Student Art Exhibit which represents each and all of the K-6 students. The reception also honors Anthony Lufkin, their art teacher who serves at Friendship Village School, Union Elementary, and Rivers Alternative Middle School, as well as Prescott and who was Knox County Teacher of the Year in 2018.

This once-yearly function has become a tradition that honors the remarkable cooperation between Gibbs Library and Prescott School. All the more reason to come enjoy these remarkable works of art, show appreciation to the students and thank Mr. Lufkin, who again has beautifully framed and displayed this delightful collection. Refreshments will be served. Make a note of it and come if you can — Thursday, April 28, 6-7 p.m. — just one week away.

Making Citizen Parade a success

We’re overdue for a parade, and the Washington Recreation Committee along with the 2022 Citizen Parade Committee is going to bring us one. They are asking every one of us in town to get involved in one way or another with this event. The parade is scheduled for Saturday, July 9, with a starting time of 9 a.m. Who should participate? Bands — definitely bands and musical groups — local organizations, businesses, performers, scout troops, acrobats, and whatever else are encouraged to join in the fun.

Volunteers to assist with some part of the planning and organization will be oh so welcome and appreciated, too. Applications for participants to register, the rules, and a “no harm” agreement form are all available on the town website — and scroll to “Parade Committee” in the “News” column.

For more information, send an email with Washington Parade in the subject line to or text Roxanne Eggen at 207-589-4285; Wendy at 207-542-2297,; or phone Peg at 207-845-2900,

There’s plenty of time to come up with a good idea and put together an entry. This will be the first parade in town for more than ten years. This sounds exciting and fun. You’ll join in, yes?

Lakes Association invitation

Washington Lakes Watershed Association (WLWA) is reaching out to the community to attract and add members, and to increase the number of recreational and conservation activities they can offer. Washington Pond and Crystal Lake are real treasures in our little town. The lakes association wants the whole community to appreciate their value as a natural resource, help maintain their superior water quality, and make enjoying water activities more available.

For starters, check out WLWA’s website ( and Facebook page (Washington Lakes and Watershed 2.0). If you want more information about events, meetings, or being on the mail list, contact members Dale Griffin at or Jeff Grinnell at They can answer your questions, too. There’ll be details about the lakes association’s photo contest here next week.

Select Board meeting

Washington Select Board — Tom Johnston, Mitch Garnett, and Wes Daniel — oversee the “business” of our little town. I attended a meeting last week to hear Brian Alves’s report from the alewife access restoration organization, Medomak Brook Connection Inc.

It turned out reports from WLWA (from WLWA president, Jeff Grinnell), the Broadband Committee (Chairman Sara Bullard), and Code Enforcement Officer Corey Fortin were also on the agenda. It was good luck on my part. Combined with the usual business, all these items made for a very informative time and a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the facts upon which local decisions are based.

What goes on in Washington, D.C. and Augusta, affect us, of course, but the local scene is by and for people I actually know. I was struck by how well the selectmen related these reports to previous ones, were so responsive to them, and readily conversational about the particulars. Every meeting isn’t so interesting because all these things aren’t always on the agenda. But, townspeople can sit in on any select board meeting and even find out what’s on the agenda ahead of time.

If anyone wants to be on the agenda — which gives one the opportunity to address the meeting — call the town office 207-845-2897. The Select Board meets Wednesday evenings at 7 p.m. in the Bryant Room at Gibbs Library. Meeting summaries and agendas are on the town website at

I encourage anyone who’s interested in how town government works to attend once in a while. I admit, I’m hooked on how interesting it is.