BOSTON, Mass. — The storied Boston Marathon returned to its rightful place — that being in the late morning hours of a beautiful spring day in Beantown — as 30,000 participants pounded the pavement in one of the world’s most historic footraces on Monday, April 18.

And of the 11 registered runners from the Midcoast — nine were recorded to have crossed the finish line of the 26.2-mile race, now in its 126th year.

The event, which annually brings runners from across the world, returned to its traditional spring schedule after changes the past few years due to the pandemic.

It also was the 50th year of women officially being able to participate in the race.

Keith Drago. Photo courtesy of Dora Fiske

Locally, Steve Cartwright, 70, of Tenants Harbor; Susan Cooney, 53, of Belfast; Keith Drago, 34, of Searsmont; Carolyn Finch, 39, of Searsport; Jasmine Fowler, 43, of Morrill; Rob Fowler, 44, of Morrill; James Lepage, 30, of Vinalhaven; Charles Pattavina, 68, of Winterport; Shawn Rumery, 36, of Searsmont; Ellen Spring, 69, of Thomaston; and Jocelyn Thames, 27, of Union, participated.

And a handful of area runners completed the race in fine form.

Of the nine local runners, six finished within three hours and 35 minutes, an impressive pace, which is roughly eight minutes per mile.

Keith Drago, left. Photo courtesy of Keith Drago

Evans Chebet of Kenya was the overall race winner with a time of 2:06:51. He held a blistering mile pace of 4:51.

It also was the 50th anniversary of the official women’s race, won by Peres Jepchirchir of Kenya with a time of 2:21:01.

The event is hosted by the Boston Athletic Association.

Among the Midcoast participants, Lepage finished in 2:49.58 for 1,388th overall, 1,319th among men and 1,053rd in his age group. His mile pace was 6:29.

Rumery finished in 3:07:54 for 4,779th overall, 4,323rd among men and 2,675th in his age group. His mile pace was 7:10.

View on course in front of Keith Drago. Photo courtesy of Keith Drago

Rob Fowler finished in 3:10:21 for 5,323rd overall, 4,767th among men and 934th in his age group. His mile pace was 7:16.

Cooney finished in 3:27:58 for 9,860th overall, 2,268th among women and 53rd in her age group. Her mile pace was 7:56.

Jasmine Fowler finished in 3:30:17 for 10,580th overall, 2,626th among women and 424th in her age group. Her mile pace was 8:02.

“I had a great race,” said Jasmine Fowler. “The weather was perfect and the energy was high. [I got] so many high-fives.”

Rob and Jasmine Fowler stand in front of Fenway Park on marathon Monday. Photo courtesy of Jasmine Fowler

Drago finished in 3:30:47 for 10,697th overall, 8,017th among men and 3,578th in his age group. His mile pace was 8:03.

“The marathon went great,” said Drago, a standout, veteran runner who competed in his first Boston Marathon. “It was a beautiful day [and] perfect running weather. There was so much support from the crowd all the way. Heartbreak Hill was rough trying to race it, but the hills back home more than prepared me for it.”

Thames finished in 4:26:34 for 20,646th overall, 8,264th among women and 3,787th in his age group. Her mile pace was 10:10.

Cartwright finished in 4:37:02 for 21,541st overall, 12,755th among men and 117th in his age group. His mile pace was 10:34.

“[It was] a slow race for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it,” said Cartwright, an avid road racer who competed in the event for the third time. “Gorgeous spring day and the warm camaraderie of runners from all over. Nice to acknowledge 50 years of women running the Boston.”

Cartwright, who typically competes in road races barefoot, continued that tradition Monday.

Pattavina finished in 4:40:36th for 21,836th overall, 12,903rd among men and 390th in his age group. His mile pace was 10:43.

Times for Finch and Spring were not reported, which means the runners did not finish the race, finished the race later than times were officially reported or did not participate.

According to the website, Spring did not finish the race, while Finch did not start the race.

Statewide, 169 runners — 89 men and 80 women — registered for the 2022 Boston Marathon.

The previous running of the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon — the 125th edition — was 190 days prior on Monday, Oct. 11. It was the first time in race history it took place in the fall and first time since 2019.

The race, the oldest annual marathon in the world, was canceled in 2020 in favor of a virtual run due to COVID-19 and the 2021 race was pushed from April to September for the same reason.

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