Rep. Bill Pluecker (I-Warren) welcomed a group of Camden Hills High School students for the Maine Youth Day of Action in Augusta, where the students lobbied state officials to support LDs 906, 1626, 1634, and 1902.

These bills would allow for clean drinking water at the Pleasant Point Indian Reservation in Washington County, re-make tribal-state relations along similar lines to those of most all other tribes in the United States, create a publicly owned power generation authority to compete with the private, investor-owned power generation companies currently operating in Maine, and introduce comprehensive climate education in the state’s schools.

Rep. Bill Pluecker welcomes a group of Camden Hills High School students for the Maine Youth Day of Action in Augusta.


“I was so pleased to be able to connect with these amazing students from Camden Hills who were game to go downstairs to get an audience with the Governor,” said Pluecker. “I am so thankful to her and her staff who took the time to meet with the students. It was a memorable moment for us all.”

Also joining the students were local lawmakers Reps. Paige Zeigler (D-Montville), Ann Matlack (D- St. George), and Vicki Doudera (D- Camden).

“It was terrific to have the Camden Hills students with us at the Legislature today, advocating for critical environmental and equity bills,” Doudera said. “Their voices are so important and necessary as we work toward a future with more renewable energy, clean water for all, and tribal sovereignty. I thank the students and Ms. Murphy for joining in the Youth Day of Action and for their continued work for our climate. We are listening!”