AUGUSTA — Sen. David Miramant, D-Camden, Rep. Valli Geiger, D-Rockland, and Rep. Jeffrey Evangelos, I-Friendship, welcomed the Oceanside High School government class to the State House Thursday, April 7, according to a release.

“It was a pleasure to meet with the class,” Miramant said. “The questions were very insightful, and the visit allowed time for a great conversation about the legislative process and the issues facing Maine people. It was a wonderful start to my day and I wish each day began like this.”

Geiger said, “It was such a joy to welcome Oceanside High School government students to the State House. It is so important to have students visit the seat of their state government and see it in action. I hope it was inspiring for them to see the House led by the youngest speaker of the House in the nation and to realize Speaker Fecteau was first elected at the age of 22. So many issues facing Maine — housing, a living wage, cost of higher education and climate change — are critical for young people. Their active engagement is needed if these issues are to be addressed.”

Evangelos stated, “It was my pleasure to host these bright and energetic students from Oceanside High School in Rockland. We took an extensive tour of the State House and Miramant joined us for a spirited news conference we held with the students. Seriously, the high point of my legislative service has been hosting students in Augusta. These young adults from Oceanside were polite and articulate. One of the young students told me she just got into Vassar. Good for her!”