WALDO — There were plenty of chills and spills — along with fast, furious action and even an occasional bottleneck on portions of the waterway — during the 47th Passagassawakeag “Passy” River Race on Saturday, April 2.

It was the first year back for the popular Waldo County whitewater paddle event after being sidelined two years due to the pandemic.

Anna Simmons and Ken Lane of Morrill. Photo by Ken Waltz

The event, which began at Littlefield Farm on Savage Road, saw 81 craft and 136 paddlers enjoy sunny, windy weather with temperatures in the mid-40s — and plenty of high, fast water.

As they did the week prior at the 41st St. George River Race, kayaker Ben Randall of Sabattus earned the fastest time in 43 minutes and 56 seconds, while for canoeists, Mark Ranco and Chris Francis of Bangor made the seven-mile journey the quickest in 50:23.

Eve Dana of Old Town and Bill Deighan of Newburgh. Photo by Ken Waltz

As usual, the race also had sections that were spectator friendly, including the whitewater after a bridge on Poors Mill Road. Spectators at that area lined the river and cheered for paddlers, especially those who got turned around, but righted the “ship” and others who fell into the water, but persevered to continue the race. Some spectators even stepped to the edge of the rushing water to help paddlers when possible.

The event included paddlers from across the state, including a large group of high schoolers and junior/senior division paddlers, along with a strong contingent from Southern Maine, specifically Portland.

Caitlin May of Belfast and Aaron Cross of Morrill. Photo by Ken Waltz

Like the week before, the second straight Waldo County paddle event saw individuals, couples, families and friends work their way down the river, which, as always, included challenging sections of Class I, II and III whitewater.

The “Passy” and St. George races were fundraisers for Maine Operation Game Thief, as well as supported by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Marine Patrol and Waldo County Regional Communications Center and International Wildlife Crimestoppers.

Amber King and Charlie Ellis of Portland. Photo by Ken Waltz

The individual “Passy” River Race results, with class, paddlers’ names and residence, place and time listed, were:

Anything Goes — 1, Guillaume Bourdin, Old Town, and Laura Domenech, Old Town, 1:22:26; and 2, Niles Haentjens, Orono, and Shelby Helwig, Orono, 1:22:50.

Century — 1, Chip Loring, Old Town, and Ander Thebaud, Hancock, 52:35; 2, Bob Martin, Holden, and Terry Wescott, Thorndike, 53:39; 3, Michael Sussman, Bath, and Ted Sussman, Houlton, 1:01:06; and 4, Jonathan Rubn, Bangor, and Peggy McKee, Bangor, 1:05:19.

John Lightner of Belfast. Photo by Ken Waltz

Clydesdale — 1, Brian Rahill, Orono, and Jason Bellner, Canaan, 59:01.

High school — 1, Sam Jenkins, Kenduskeag, and Ryder Drinkert, Orono, 55:54; 2, Evan Smith, Orono, and Jack Burke, Hermon, 57:18; 3, Thomas Littlefield, Morrill, and Tanner Carson, Belfast, 1:0:59;4, Ronan Deschamps, Belfast, and Miles Cannon, Belfast, 1:10:07; 5, Charlotte McDonald, Portland, and Sophie McDonald, Portland, 1:13:47; 6, Tim Brackett, Portland, and Delucas Brown, Portland, 1:15:29; 7, Alex Price, Portland, and Jack Birmingham, Portland, 1:24:46; and 8, Charlie Ellis, and Amber King, Portland, 1:50:33.

Ben Randall of Sabattus. Photo by Ken Waltz

Jr./Sr. 12-and-younger — 1, Josh Stoll and Dylan Stoll, town unavailable, 1:04:43; 2, Kelly McDonald, Portland, and Moriya Nguema, Portland, 1:09:09; 3, Jeff Chase, Bowdoin, and Eva Chase, Bowdoin, 1:13:29; and 4, Brian Walls, Bar Harbor, and Weston Walls, Bar Harbor, 1:14:46.

Jr./Sr. 13-and-older — 1, Aaron Lang, Orono, and Jeff Owen, Orono, 54:27; 2, Gabriel McIntosh, Orono, and River Robertson, town unavailable, 55:33; 3, James Mabee, Bangor, and Rheannon, Bangor, 55:53; 4, Mason Hartery, Glenburn, and Damon Galipeau, Glenburn, 58:47; 5, Camden LaBree, Glenburn, and Bern Galipeau, Glenburn, 58:47; 6, Daisy Drinkert, Orono, and Hayden Lancaster, Greenbush, 1:06:01; 7, Andy Price, Portland, and Kana Walsh, Portland, 1:07:18; 8, Lynn Maziarz, Potland, and Morgan Gates, Portland, 1:17:05 9, Tom Stilkey, Portland, and Clara Stilkey, Portland, 1:46:14; 10, Michael Birmingham, Portland, and Savannah Gates, Portland, 1:46:23; 11, Eric Taylor , Bangor, and Gilman Taylor, Bangor, 56:59; and 12, David Brackett, Portland, and Ari Walsh, Portland, 1:13:57.

Moriya Nguema, front, with Kelly McDonald, both of Portland. Photo by Ken Waltz

K — 1, Ben Randall, Sabattus, 43:56; 2, Justin Varney, Northport, 48:50; and 3, John Lightner, Belfast, 57:44.

KS — 1, Hank Thorburn, Harpswell, 48:20; 2, Brian Foley, Orono, 52:45; 3, Dan Baumert, Levant, 54:33; 4, Glenn Montgomery, Belfast, 59:24; 5, Larry Merrill, Orrington, 1:01:10; 6, Nick Irving, Waterville, 1:30:38; and 7, Aaron Brunelle, Winslow, 1:30:44.

Brian and Weston Walls of Bar Harbor. Photo by Ken Waltz

KW — 1, Leslie Gregory, Monroe, 57:22; and 2, Charlotte Begouen Demeaux, Old Town, 1:25:43.

KWW — 1, Karen Francoeur, Orono, 1:19:47; and 2, Lindsey Clark Tate, Castine, 1:19:59.

OC1— 1, Rick Gause, North Yarmouth, 50:55; and 2, Al Paradise, North Hampshire, 54:33.

Shelby Helwig and Nils Haentjens of Orono. Photo by Ken Waltz

OC1R — 1, Chris Dalton, Bangor, 54:54; 2, Jake Fenner, Allagash, 55:14; 3, Morgan Baxter, Gorham, 56:21; 4, Ethan Lamb, Long Pond TWP, 1:03:23; 5, Robert Winslow, Belfast, 1:08:16; 6, Mike Timberlake, Topsham, 1:19:43; and Chris Taylor, Belfast, 1:24:13.

OC1W — 1, Jen Adams, Westport Island, 1:07:28.

OC2M — 1, Mark Ranco, Bangor, and Chris Francis, Bangor, 50:23.

OC2Mixed — 1, Clayton Cole, Corinth, and Linda Basilicato, Corinth, 53:40.

Robert Winslow of Belfast. Photo by Ken Waltz

OC2MixRec — 1, Aaron Cross, Morrill, and Caitlin May, Belfast, 53:01; 2, Carly Hayward, Bangor, and Ashton Mabee, Bangor, 53:14; 3, Nicole Grohoski, Ellsworth, and Ben Meader, South Bristol, 54:42; 4, Becca Abuzo, Wiscasset, and Seth Bolduc, Whitefield, 59:14; 5, Jessa Solis, Portland, and Andrew Blunt, Portland, 1:08:03; 6, Joseph Zydlewski, Hampden, and Gayle Zydlewski, 1:09:45; 7, Eve Dana, Old Town, and Bill Deighan, Newburgh, 1:16:04; and 8, Robert Johnston, Vassalboro, and Gayle Johnston, Vassalboro, 1:22:17.

OC2RM — 1, Mark Risinger, Saco, and Dean Redding, town unavailable, 51:43; 2, J.D. Burke, Newburgh, and Brady Burke, Hampden, 55:32; 3, Kevin Coombs, Belfast, and Brian Wagner, Lisbon, 56:23; 4, Aaron Megquier, Belmont, and Matt Powers, Orono, 56:25; 5, Richard May, Belfast, and Rob May, Scarborough, 59:46; 6, Patrick Woodcock, Portland, and Jack Woodcock, Cumberland Foreside, 1:01:07; 7, Sam Stratton, Bangor, and Marc Veilleux, Orono, 1:02:59; and 8, Adam Sawyer, Trenton, and Robert Hanscome, town unavailable, 1:06:42.

Glen and Isaac Widmer of Montville. Photo by Ken Waltz

OC2RS — 1, Greg Shute, Alna, and Ryan Linehan, Westport Island, 52:052; 2, Jackson Winslow, Belmont, and Aaron Winslow, Belmont, 54:32; 3, Glen Widmer, Montville, and Isaac Widmer, Montville, 56:56; and 4, Bryan Albee, Machiasport, and Justin Lawson, Marshfield, 1:04:16.

OC2WW — 1, Emma Eckert, Orono, and Ella Allan-Rahill, Orono, 1:06:12.

OC2WW — 1, Josh Povec, Belfast, and Bob Kaczor, town unavailable, 58:48; 2, Anna Simmons, Morrill, and Ken Lane, Morrill, 1:02:35; and 3, Jonah Lovejoy, Belfast, and Jeff Lovejoy, Belfast, 1:07:37.

Leslie Gregory of Monroe. Photo by Ken Waltz

The race category abbreviations and explanations include:

KS — Kayak short, up to 13 feet 4 inches.

K — Kayaks 13-5 and longer.

KW — Kayak women.

KWW — Kayak weekend warrior, beginner and intermediate kayakers.

Mark Ranco and Chris Francis of Bangor. Photo by Ken Waltz

OC1— Open canoe racing, one person.

OC2M — Open canoe racing, two people, racing canoes 16-6 to 18-6.

OC2Mixed — Open canoe racing, one male, one female, race length canoe.

OC1R — Open canoe recreational, one person.

OC1W — Open canoe recreational or racing, one female.

OC2Mixed Rec — Open canoe recreational, one male, one female, recreational canoe.

OC2RS — Open canoe recreational, two person, under 16-6.

OC2RM — Open canoe recreational, two person, recreational 16-6 to 18-6.

OC2 Junior/Senior Rec 12 — Open canoe recreational, one adult, one child ages 12 and younger.

OC2 Junior/Senior 13 — Open canoe recreational, one adult, one child ages 13-16.

Century Rec — Open canoe recreational, two person, combined ages more than 100.

Anything Goes — Any craft that floats.

High school — Open canoe recreational, two high school students.

OC2WW — Open canoe weekend warriors, no racing canoes.

OC2W — Open canoe, two women, any length canoe.

Clydesdale — Open canoe, combined weight 425 pounds.