CAMDEN — Page Gallery hosts Camden Life Drawing, a community figure drawing group, this April. The exhibition opens with a reception at Page Gallery, 23 Bay View St., Sunday, April 10, from 4 to 6 p.m. and will be on display through April 16.

Throughout history, artists have gathered together to draw from a model. Camden Life Drawing is a small group of artists continuing in that tradition. The group meets weekly to hone their skills of observation. The human figure offers practice in seeing line, shadow, shape and form. These sessions are less about accuracy or creating something beautiful, and more focused on considering how the body moves. The group doesn’t provide instruction or expectation, but rather offers artists an opportunity to draw and focus on the moments before them without judgment. Camden painter Bob Richardson said, “The Camden Life Drawing group shares work created during our breaks where members offer a generous supply of support and positive critique. We work in the mediums of our choice, on whatever substrate we choose, in a variety of scales and a plethora of styles.”

The “Life Drawing” exhibition features studies completed during weekly sessions. The studies showcase a wide variety of drawings made in the group’s format of quick two-minute warm ups and 20-minute poses. Participating artists include Pam Bardon, Laura Beckering, Kate Fitzgerald, Ken Foster, Truth Hawk, Alison Hill, Dana Jenkins, Colleen Lowe, Erika Manning, Veronica Poblete, Bob Richardson, Chloe Shores, Terry Smith and Emily Weigel.

On the final day of the exhibition, Saturday, April 16, the gallery hosts a three-hour open house with an invitation to the public to try hand drawing from life with a clothed model. The event is free of charge, open to all ages and drawing materials will be provided.