Rosalee and Chris Glass were honored by the Camden Historic Resources Committee for their years of volunteer work.

Camden Historic Resources Committee volunteers gathered on March 18 to honor Chris and Rosalee Glass for their contributions to historic preservation in Camden during the last four decades. As a token of appreciation, the group gave the Glasses a historic plaque for their 1926 home in the original design devised by Chris in the 1970s for the Camden-Rockport Landmarks Commission.

Over the years, Chris Glass has worked with many community groups: the early, non-extant Landmarks Commission; the Comprehensive Plan historic sub-committee; the Camden Historic Resources Committee; Committees to save both the Opera House and the Post Office and the Building Committee for the addition to the Camden Public Library. Rosalee Glass has served as a volunteer and committee member of the Camden Resources Committee and led a small group of volunteers to establish archives to collect and process documents pertaining to Town-owned historic properties. She also served on the Independent Commission for the Library Landscapes.