WALDOBORO — The Medomak Valley High School girls junior varsity basketball team had a strong season on the court in 2021-22, with many lessons learned as the Panthers prepare to ascend to the varsity ranks.

Guided by coach Lindsey Vinal, the jayvee Panthers prowled to an 11-4 record.

Team members included Sadie Knight, Audrey Jackson, Lily Christ, Haley Puchalski, Madi Simmons, Chelsea Sykes, Quinn Overlock, Kylie Blake, Eliza Luce, Erica Waite and Lillian Harvey.

“The girls had a lot to overcome this season with limited numbers, games and changing of positions, but they worked hard all season,” Vinal said. “I am very proud of these girls and how hard they worked for me this season. It was definitely a weird year, but they never let the challenges take over.”

Vinal said she especially was proud of her team’s victories over Morse of Bath and Lawrence of Fairfield as “they had to execute end-of-the-game situations and ended up coming out on top in each game.”

Jackson (78 points), Luce (73 points), Sykes (66 points), Simmons (65 points), Christ (64 points), Knight (50 points), Puchalski (46 points), Blake (16 points), Waite (9 points), Harvey (4 points) and Overlock (2 points) led the Medomak Valley offense.

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