Sheriff Tim Carroll wants the citizens of Knox County, and visitors, to be aware that deputies, along with the assistance of local law enforcement partners, will be conducting Public Safety Checkpoints, otherwise known as roadblocks, throughout Knox County for the remainder of the year.

Law enforcement utilizes checkpoints for several purposes such as detecting impaired drivers, getting unsafe motor vehicles off the roadway, and limiting the public’s access to unsafe areas, such as a police standoff. Public Safety Checkpoints will be conducted by deputies at varying times and locations throughout Knox County, often with little or no notice other than this release, to safeguard citizens from risky incidents and drivers.

Drivers are encouraged to double check that vehicles are properly registered, inspected, and insured; ensure that all occupants and loads are secured properly, not engage in distracted driving behaviors, such as texting, eating, putting on makeup and be observant of speed limits and surroundings

Drivers who have questions about their own circumstance or concerns about someone else’s should contact the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with a deputy. The department provides, when time allows, safety checks and Child and Occupant Safety Inspections.