The Rockland City Council will be asked to vote Monday night for a resolve to support the people of Ukraine who are under attack from the Russian military.

Councilor Nate Davis is sponsoring the measure that will be considered at the Council’s Monday, March 7 meeting which begins at 5:30 p.m. The resolve is the only action item on the agenda with the remainder set to place items on the March 14 regular meeting agenda.

The resolve notes that “Russian military has invaded Ukraine without justification” and has killed and injured civilians and caused a “grave humanitarian crisis.” The resolve further points out that the Ukrainians, both the military and civilians, are “fighting courageously for their freedom at mortal peril.”

Davis’ resolve states that public expressions of support for the people of Ukraine have galvanized national governments, businesses, and organizations around the world to concrete action to hinder the invasion and mitigate its effects. He said that Rockland is home to people who suffered or whose families have suffered oppression “behind the Iron Curtain.

The Iron Curtain was the political and military boundaries that the Soviet Union created after World War II and until its collapse in 1991 which prevented the movement of people within that boundary, which included eastern European countries not part of the Soviet Union.

The Farnsworth Art Museum also pointed this out in its weekly newsletter.

“This week, we can’t help but think of Louise Nevelson. In 1905, at the age of six, she immigrated to Rockland, Maine from what is now Ukraine with her family to escape the terrible abuse inflicted by Tsarist Russians on the Jewish community she grew up in. Our collective hearts go out to the Ukrainians fighting for their country, and to those who find themselves forced from their homes today. ”

“The City of Rockland stands in solidarity with the small towns and cities of Ukraine as well as the larger Ukrainian populace,” the resolves states that calls for an expeditious end to the violent conflict which will maintain territorial integrity and cultural and political autonomy of Ukraine.