ROCKPORT — Bay Chamber Music School’s student musicians were recently welcomed back to Union Hall for the first time since January 2019. The music school held eight recitals over five days, featuring students in individual and ensemble performances.

“After such a long time, we’re very grateful to be able to come back together indoors to celebrate the hard work of our student musicians,” said Monica Kelly, executive director at Bay Chamber. “This is what our music school is all about – sharing joyful music in community with others.”

A guitar student performs during a Bay Chamber Music School recital. Photo by Josie Davis

The week-long recital showcase featured 102 performances by musicians ages four and older. Musicians played for enthusiastic audiences of family and friends on violin, viola, cello, piano, guitar, voice and drums. Musical selections ranged from “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” to longer selections by composers from around the world, to original compositions by Bay Chamber students. The recitals also featured ensemble performances by Bay Chamber’s Allegro, Suzuki, and Fiddle Jam classes and eight chamber ensembles.

Bay Chamber Music School recitals were generously supported by Viking, Inc.

For more information, visit or call 207-236-2823.

A Bay Chamber Music School chamber ensemble recital. Photo by Josie Davis