CAMDEN — Children’s Librarian Amy Hand always says, “my families” when she talks about the parents and children who attend her storytimes or watch her videos.

“I missed my families,” she said of the time during the pandemic when she could not hold in-person storytimes at the Camden Public Library.

She has been working at the library for 22 years and knows most everyone who comes in by name. They are usually from her many families.

If you go to the library’s Facebook page, you can find a wall of videos featuring “Miss Amy.” Miss Amy has been married for 32 years, but that is what the children call her. She also puts videos on YouTube and Instagram.

During the pandemic she reached out to her community this way, and she posts videos every weekday. In addition to reading stories, she reviews young adult books for teens and adults and demonstrates various fun arts and crafts projects.

Hand gets into character for her work and even transforms her workspace. She estimates that she has gone to work dressed in costumes (most of them homemade) featuring 80 book characters. The children’s library area may be a medieval castle one month and an ocean scene the next. Her world is filled with color and texture, a brightness that introduces local children to the wider world.

Her own children and husband have gotten used to seeing her dressed as a storybook pig or snail, even at the dinner table.

As for the technology of posting videos every day, she said she does this work herself using her cell phone.

She has always wanted to work with children, starting by volunteering at the age of 12 at a preschool. She grew up in Connecticut and studied child development at the University of Maine at Orono.

She also had a stint teaching third grade in Waldo County in the Mount View school system.

Hand said she loves the energy that comes from being around children.

In her spare time, she harvests organic berries. She lives on the 120-acre Nickerson blueberry farm in Lincolnville.

She has been holding in-person storytimes recently, but she has had to do all of this work outside. Some days it is warm and dry. Other times it is freezing. If it rains or snows, she sometimes has to cancel, but she looks forward to seeing her families.

“If only one family comes to storytime, I’ll do it,” she said. “I love it.”