February 18: The Sun enters Pisces and stays until the morning of March 20. With Jupiter already in Pisces and the Sun joining in Pisces, healing and health upgrades take place. There’s a desire to slow down for relaxation to take place. Increasing spiritual practices for deeper faith to be instilled — happens without effort. Music, dance and performing are pleasurable. Did you know that relaxation is healthy for your immune system? Yes, I’m sure that you know. We all need reminders sometimes. Life is too busy. Pisces’ energy spaces me out. It helps me to travel to other realities. I love it in September when I usually go out on the ocean on a gorgeous wooden schooner for a short two-hour adventure and leave thoughts of responsibility behind. I know that Pisces people are in general naturally drawn to the water unless they have past lifetimes of having drowned. I have noticed that individuals who lack planets in water signs in their natal charts are NOT drawn to the water. The water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

February 21 – 23: You’re open to adopting a pet that is hanging around in the cold, wanting a warm place and food. Before you know it, you are their family! Mars is in a positive aspect with Neptune. I see this often. I know it’s true from the feedback I’ve received. There is a natural love for helping those in need. The more you give love, the more it springs up and then there’s more to give. What joy!!

February 22 & 23: Mercury in Aquarius is in a positive aspect to Chiron in Aries, helping communication skills grow. Maybe you’re excited about taking a sign language class. You may have just registered for a telepathic communication skills course with others who have the knack for it. It’s about time you made good use of your natural skills. Journal writing is empowering and could find you channeling Guidance from Angelic sources.

February 22 – 24: Hello, romantic people. Are you open to the possibility of attracting your true love? Venus and Neptune are in a positive aspect, expanding your options. Don’t allow expectations to set you up for a disappointment. Be open but not attached to how this will occur. Let go of knowing. Enjoy the unfolding Divine Mystery! Simply relax and “let it be.” Easier said than done, right? During this phase Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Uranus. Your mind will be quicker than lightning. Try to think before speaking. Don’t make any snap decisions yet be openminded.

February 27 – March 1: Trusting your intuitive intelligence proves fruitful. This is a creative time. Finding yourself in a leadership role that you were not interested in, will not be a surprise. Thinking with future insight is useful. If you are getting profoundly inspired ideas, do think about them. Mercury is conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. This often will bring worrisome thoughts. This aspect of Mercury and Saturn insists that your concentration is 100% with no distractions at all. Saturn is demanding. If stuck in worrisome thoughts simply say, “delete” and replace them with a positive affirmation. Example “I know I am breathing in; I know I am breathing out,” is a good one because it keeps the focus in the present moment.

February 28 – March 2: Intense romantic energies are here. These are based on past-life karmic sexual relationships having been left unhealed. Venus, Mars, and Pluto are all conjunct in Capricorn. You’re feeling the need to correct and forgive that which was left undone. Actual conversations or telepathic reunions are taking place and clearing the astral plane of old sticky stuck energies. This is a perfect time to do a review of old sexual patterns and how your own needs covered up guilt of not really knowing or caring about the other. Hard one to admit.

Ananur Forma has studied Astrological Wisdom since the 1970s. She can be reached at ananur@twc.com with questions or to set up a personal, astrological chart reading. Her website is AstrologyWithAnanur.com.