Nerd dreams do come true.

Back in September I wrote about my search for pictures of an egg vending machine located on Broadway when I was a little boy. Afterwards I had three phone calls from others who remembered the machine, but no photos.

Recently I went through every single Courier-Gazette in the year 1960 (the year of the bowling alley). At that time there were three issues a week, 157 in a year. No luck.

Halfway through the year 1959 ( the year of the drum and bugle corps) I opened the August 1st issue. Inside I found the display ad for the EGG-O-MAT with a photo taken by newly minted publisher Sid Cullen! I flew out of my recliner, launching the cat end over end, and ran around the house like a madman. I continued working backwards and I came across the news photo and caption in the July 11th issue, further documenting the 7th wonder of Rockland.

Former Free Press editor Andy O’Brien said I am the Indiana Jones of Rockland History. He has been hearing me go on about the EGG-O-MAT for years.

Here it is at last…

H.W. Little’s EGG-O-MAT!

Glenn is a lifelong resident of Rockland and has worked for The Courier-Gazette and The Free Press since 1989.

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