WALDOBORO — After two days of walk-outs by Medomak Valley High School and Middle School students, Regional School Unit 40 Superintendent Steve Nolan sent a message to district parents about the protests Tuesday evening, Feb. 15.

In the letter, Nolan outlined the district’s response to the protests and the importance of student safety. For student safety, Nolan added, students participating in walk-outs starting Feb. 16 will face disciplinary action.

“RSU 40 takes any report of sexual assault very seriously,” Nolan said in the letter. “We have a rigorous investigation process to ensure the school’s response is prompt, appropriate, and fair.”

“We are fortunate to have students who want to bring awareness to this serious topic,” Nolan said. Because of privacy laws, however, the district cannot share any details about such reports.

Nolan said the middle and high school principals would be organizing a forum to discuss sexual assault, where they will “invite students to participate in thoughtful and appropriate conversations on this topic.”

The district would look at having further conversations on sexual assault as time passed, Nolan said.

Starting Wednesday, Feb. 16, Nolan added, there would be consequences for students who take part in such a protest.

“For safety reasons, starting tomorrow, students who participate in a walk-out will be disciplined according to district policy,” Nolan said. “As always, we welcome your feedback on how best to keep families and the community involved in these important conversations.”

On Monday, Feb. 15 Medomak Valley High School Principal Linda Pease sent out an email informing staff and students that participating in the planned walk-out constituted an unexcused absence for the student.

This meant that students would not be able to make up any missed assignments. Pease said this was according to district policy.

Medomak Middle School Principal Kate Race informed her staff of the same policy, and later suggested the teachers plan a pop quiz for the time of the protest.

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