The Stewardship Education Alliance has announced the opening of its Winter Grant Cycle. Teachers working in any school in the towns of Appleton, Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, and Rockport are invited to apply for a grant that furthers the S.E.A. mission: to increase awareness of ways to be better stewards of our local watersheds.

In the past, S.E.A. has funded grants for professional development, tools and equipment for water sampling, night amphibian observation, building a nature trail, studying salmon, and many others. Most grants will be in the range of $300 to $500. Teachers may submit applications beginning Feb. 21 and applications are due by March 7. Awards will be announced before the end of March.

A student at Sweetland School in Hope helps a salamander cross the road during a nighttime study of amphibians supported by S.E.A.

The S.E.A. Advisory Board suggested that this year we link the grants to projects in which students collect and share data. We think people of any age can do that, and in the process learn a great deal about environmental research and the natural world. Ideally, projects will foster field work, and collecting and sharing data. Teachers who want advice in putting a proposal together can email Members of the S.E.A. Board at info@StewardshipEducation

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