ROCKLAND — Captains’ Quarters, a virtual speaker series hosted by the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum, will change focus from the Windjammers of Penobscot Bay to the Tugboats that ply our coast and larger harbors.

Beyond their quiet and picturesque presence in harbors, such as Belfast and Portland, these vessels are truly the workhorses of the sea, guiding and maneuvering the large cargo ships that bring vital supplies to the coast of Maine, and beyond.

From the fascinating steam vessels, such as the Clyde B. Holmes — also known as the John Wannamaker, the very last coastwise steam tugboat of the thousands that serviced our cities — to modern day “tractor tugs,” which maneuver mammoth vessels with amazing efficiency into tight docking spaces in our harbors. They are found in great numbers from Portland Harbor to seaports far down east, and these tough, little vessels can handle all the shipping demands of our maritime industry.

Joining Captain Jim Sharp, co-founder of the Sail, Power, and Steam Museum, will be tug Captains John Worth, Ron Hawkins, Duke Tomlin and the Fournier Family of tugboats.

The talk will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 15, at 6:30 p.m., utilizing the online portal, Zoom. Registration is required, and available on the museum’s website: on the “Music and Calendar” tab.

Join us for an evening of talking about these wonderful vessels. In the true spirit of our maritime heritage, it is suggested people grab a “tot” of rum — or a cup of tea — settle into the comfort of their own boat or home, fire up the woodstove, and join Captain Sharp and the crew as they share photos and stories of these amazing vessels.

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