The basketball games are coming fast and furious for area high schools as teams scramble to play games prior to the final day of the regular season.

In action on Tuesday, Feb. 8, the Camden Hills of Rockport, Oceanside of Rockland, Mount View of Thorndike and Searsport boys collected wins — as did the unbeaten Mariner girls — while the Mustang, Viking and Windjammer girls were dealt losses.

On Wednesday, Feb. 9, the Medomak Valley of Waldoboro and Mount View boys defeated Waterville and Winslow, while the Panther girls were edged by the Purple Panthers.

The final day of the regular season is Thursday, Feb. 10.

Lincoln Academy’s Jack Duncan, left, and Camden Hills’ Hunter Norton. Photo by Mark Haskell

The following is a recap of reported results:


Medomak Valley 67, Waterville 42

At Waterville Feb. 9, the Panthers continued to surge toward the postseason with a 25-point win over the Purple Panthers. Medomak Valley led 14-13, 31-21 and 48-30 at the quarter breaks.

Jack Bickmore led Medomak Valley with a 21-point effort, while Trevor Brown added 13; Gabe Lash, Finn Parmley and Jacob Craig, six; Patrick McKenney and Jaiden Starr, four; Tucker Holgerson, three; and Blake Morrison and Kory Donlin, two.

Liam Von Oesen paced Waterville with 14 points, while Ethan Hobart added seven; Spencer Minihan and Asher Grazulis, five; Joe Hamelin, four; Garrett Gendreau, three; and Nicholas Poulin and Logan Tardif, two.

The Panthers were 18-of-22 (81 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Purple Panthers were 8-of-12 (67 percent).

Medomak Valley improved to 14-4.

Mount View 69, Winslow 61

At Winslow Feb. 9, the Mustangs penned in the Black Raiders en route to an eight-point victory. Mount View led 17-14, 36-35 and 52-49 at the quarter breaks.

Declan Knowtlon tossed in 21 points for the ‘Stangs, while Draedyn Furrow added 17; Noah Hurd, 16; Tyler Russell, six; Wyatt Evensen, five; and Ben Osborne, four.

For the Black Raiders, Jason Reynolds netted 16 points, while Andrew Poulin added 15; Antoine Akoa, 11; Lucas Bouchard, nine; Nick Girard and Braden Rodrigue, four; and Matt Quirion, two.

Mount View was 10-of-15 (67 percent) from the foul line, while Winslow was 2-of-4 (50 percent).

Mount View improved to 12-5.

Camden Hills 64, Lincoln Academy 42

At Rockport Feb. 8, the Windjammers outscored the Eagles of Newcastle in the four stanzas and emerged with a 22-point win. Camden Hills led 18-11, 33-26 and 52-33 at the quarter breaks.

Westen DeWaard and Dylan Morgenstern led Camden Hills with 10 points, while Liam O’Neal added nine; Aidan O’Connell, eight; Quincy Messer and Ryan Clifford, six; Eben Fagonde and Hunter Norton, four; Hunter Bell, three; and Julian Mayhorn and Caleb Sabanty, two.

Camden Hills’ Quincy Messer. Photo by Mark Haskell

Tucker Stiles paced Lincoln Academy with 13 points, while Gabe Hagar added 12; Lucas Houghton, four; Nick Prior, three; and Jake Masters, Casey Duncan, Riley Delisle, Sam Chapman and E.J. Hunt, two.

LA finished 8-of-16 (5o percent) from the foul line, while Camden Hills ended 8-of-14 (57 percent).

Camden Hills improved to 8-7.

Oceanside 61, Leavitt 47

At Rockland Feb. 8, the Mariners sailed past the visiting Hornets of Turner. Oceanside led 14-7, 29-18 and 47-34 at the quarter breaks.

Carter Galley netted 23 points for Oceanside, while Alex Collins added 15; Bodhi Ames, nine; Austin Chilles, six; Cohen Galley, five; and Ben Tripp, three. Ames added six rebounds and Carter Galley five boards.

Brett Coburn scored 22 points for Leavitt, while Sawyer Hathaway added seven; Ben Sirois and Ian Redstone, six; Hunter Hayes, four; and Degan Jordan, two.

The Mariners were 2-of-3 (67 percent) from the foul line, while the Hornets were 7-of-12 (58 percent).

Oceanside improved to 13-3.

Mount View 79, Maine Central Institute 42

At Thorndike Feb. 8, the Mustangs galloped past the Huskies of Pittsfield and emerged with a lopsided win. Mount View led 22-8, 56-13 and 73-23 at the quarter breaks.

Tyler Russell paced Mount View with 21 points, while Noah Hurd added 17; Draedyn Furrow and Declan Knowlton, 13; Ryan Oliver and Isaac Ellis, four; Ben Osborne and Wyatt Evensen, three; and Collin Jones, one.

Braydon Fitts scored 21 points for MCI, while Kaythean Martinez added six; Braedan Kennedy, five; Max Bottenfield, four; and Cole Allen, Deniz Cifci and Owen Moore, two.

The Mustangs were 9-of-16 (56 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Huskies were 1-of-4 (25 percent).

Searsport 57, Sumner 46

At Searsport Feb. 8, the Vikings netted a nine-point win over the Tigers. Searsport led 7-6, 21-16 and 41-31 at the quarter breaks.

Josh Wright scored 19 points for the Vikings, while Gage Ellis added 12; Sam Cahill, nine; Chase Brassbridge, eight; Eli Law, four; Cole Ellis, three; and Tim Smith, two.

Billy Wray scored 16 points for the Tigers, while Ethan Chase added 15; Caelan Billings, six; Nolan Christensen, four; Aiden Griffin, three; and Connor Kelley, two.

Searsport was 13-of-23 (56 percent) from the foul line, while Sumner was 2-of-9 (22 percent).

Searsport improved to 6-10.


Waterville 35, Medomak Valley 34

At Waldoboro Feb. 9, the Purple Panthers held off a late Panther rally and collected a one-point win. Waterville led 12-4, 19-9 and 29-22 at the quarter breaks.

Addison McCormick keyed Medomak Valley with 10 points, while Autumn Ripley and Alyssa Creamer added seven; Sara Nelson, four; and Katherine McKenney and Kytana Williamson, three. McCormick added 11 rebounds, while Ripley grabbed eight and Cannon seven.

Dakota Aldrich and Gabby Maines led Waterville with eight points, while Keira Gilman added seven; Denelle Eldridge, five; Abigail Williams, four; and Ella Minihan, three.

The Panthers were 6-of-15 (40 percent) from the foul line, while the Purple Panthers were 17-of-32.

Medomak Valley dropped to 12-6.

Oceanside 60, Leavitt 35

At Turner Feb. 8, the Mariners remained unbeaten with a 25-point win over the Hornets. Oceanside led 12-5, 21-18 and 35-24 at the quarter breaks.

Bailey Breen pumped in 29 points to lead Oceanside, while Audrey Mackie added 19; Ahlivia Morris, four; Anna Kingsbury, three; Aubri Hoose and Caitlyn Lamb, two; and Abby Waterman, one. Waterman added eight rebounds and five assists, while Breen finished with six rebounds and Mackie five steals.

Katie Blouin scored 12 points for Leavitt, while Caitlyn McCoy and Kayla Smith added eight; Jazzlyn Clark, five; and Jill Pelletier, two.

The Mariners were 4-of-9 (44 percent) from the foul line, while the Hornets were 7-of-10 (70 percent).

Oceanside improved to 15-0 and 28-0 the past two seasons.

Maine Central Institute 66, Mount View 34

At Pittsfield Feb. 8, the Huskies penned in the visiting Mustangs. MCI led 9-8, 32-14 and 55-25 at the quarter breaks.

Hannah Coolen scored 19 points for the ‘Stangs, while Ari Bradeen added eight; Kricket Thompson, four; Carli Finn, two; and Kayleigh Dunton, one.

Anna Dospelova scored 21 points for the Huskies, while Danielle Dow and Hannah Robinson added 11; Trinity Leavitt, seven; Ruby Kitchen and Skyla Dean, five; and Natalie Sites, Jyllian Riendeah and Lily Kitchin, two.

Mount View was 11-of-16 (69 percent) from the foul line, while MCI was 10-of-16 (62 percent).

Mount View dropped to 7-10.

Lincoln Academy 46, Camden Hills 27

At Newcastle Feb. 8, the Eagles soared past the winless Windjammers. Lincoln Academy led 13-2, 27-14 and 35-23 at the quarter breaks.

Mattie Luce and Amelia Johnson scored five points for the Windjammers, while Molly Hixon and Mila Bonometti added four; Tessa Whitley, three; and Olivia Brown, Ella Powers and Bailey Curtis, two.

Payson Kaler keyed the Eagles with 27 points, while Grace Houghton added seven; Paige Lefrenaye, six; and Annie Peaslee, Natalie Kaler and Reegan Dunican, two.

Camden Hills was 5-of-9 (56 percent) from the foul line, while Lincoln Academy was 9-of-16 (56 percent).

Camden Hills dropped to 0-16.

Morse 45, Camden Hills 32

At Rockport Feb. 7, the Shipbuilders emerged with a 13-point win over the Windjammers. Morse led 10-8, 23-18 and 37-25 at the quarter breaks.

Mila Bonometti and Ella Powers scored seven points for Camden Hills, while Olivia Brown and Molly Hixon added five; Amelia Johnson, three; Tessa Whitley and Bailey Curtis, two; and Mattie Luce, one.

Dakota Shipley scored 13 points for Morse, while Maddy Worner added 12; Danielle Bryant, eight; Olivia Chabet and Haley Kirkpatrick, four; and Julia Lucas and Zoe Avery, two.

The Shipbuilders were 6-of-8 (75 percent) from the foul line, while the Windjammers were 4-of-9 (44 percent).

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