Fans of Maine’s state soda, Moxie, have noticed a distinct lack of the beverage lately.

The company that produces the drink, Coke Northeast, said Feb. 9 there is a Moxie shortage, but there are no plans to discontinue the product. In fact, the company said production has already resumed.

“People are terrified,” said Suzy Low, a customer care agent for Coke Northeast. Low said she fields phone calls and emails every day from people who fear Moxie has been discontinued.

“We keep hearing from people. ‘Where’s Moxie? Where’s Moxie?’” Lowe said.

One woman even told her there was an online petition to keep the Moxie brand alive.

“That just goes to show how popular it really is,” Low said.

Susannah Smith, senior director of Public Affairs at Coke Northeast, said in a Feb. 9 email Moxie production had already begun again.

“I am pleased to inform you that we did finally receive Moxie concentrate this week and we produced it yesterday,” Smith said.  “You should start seeing it back on shelves soon, possibly as early as this weekend.”

Smith added the feedback of loyal Moxie drinkers did not fall on deaf ears.

“We have heard Moxie fans loud and clear and are doing everything in our power to get and keep Moxie on store shelves,” she said.

A 12-pack of Moxie. Photo courtesy of Coca-Cola Northeast