The Rev. Dr. Ute S. Molitor, of the First Congregational Church, UCC, in Camden, will be offering an introductory course in Mindfulness Meditation in March and April.

According to Rev. Molitor, “Mindfulness meditation is a particular tradition within Buddhist practice that is very useful in drawing us into awareness of the present moment. It is very practical and oriented toward our real lived experience. We learn to meet whatever is happening without being overwhelmed, highjacked or paralyzed by it. We are invited to pay attention to our sensations, thoughts, emotions/feelings. When we can do that from a centered place, we notice that all these strong experiences that arise are themselves constantly changing as the waves of the ocean flow in and out with the tides. We can meet them with an attitude of curiosity and kindness.

“The hope is to gradually free ourselves from our habitual or reactive patterns so that we can act with wise and loving hearts toward ourselves and others. This is a life-long process of showing up to be with what is without judging ourselves, casting blame on others, or having to fix it all. This can actually create an opening within us and our relationships that will make new things possible.”

All sessions will be led by Rev. Molitor who is a student in the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Program taught by Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield (and many additional teachers). This course serves as a practicum requirement for the program and involves feedback processes with participants. All participants also agree to shared guidelines of mutual engagement. All sessions feature talks, time for practice, processing, and a period for Q & A. Homework suggestions will be included as well.

Session One – March 10: Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness of the Breath
Session Two – March 17: Mindfulness of the Body and Walking Meditation
Session Three – March 24: Loving Kindness Meditation, Compassion, and the Practice of RAIN
Session Four – March 31: Mindfulness of Emotions and Working with Pain
Session Five – April 7: Mindfulness of Thoughts and Mindfulness in Daily Life

The course is not intended to promote a particular religious tradition but builds on the gifts of this practice for daily living. This course is not intended as psychotherapy. There is no set cost for participation. A donation basket will be provided. All free will offerings will benefit Shields Mission Project which benefits families and individuals in Knox County and Lincolnville who need financial assistance.

The course will meet in person at First Congregational Church in Camden (UCC). An online version may become available depending on interest. Contact to register and indicate whether you hope to participate in person, via zoom only or can be flexible.

Later this year, this course will be followed up by a second one which focuses on additional topics for practice. If you have questions, contact Ute at