UNION — Union Elementary School hosted a family sledding day as part of the third week of the WinterKids Winter Games. The third week is “Family Engagement,” which saw a host of people come out and enjoy the day with some fun.

“We were overwhelmed with how many parents came to sled with their children,” said Donna Munro of MSAD 40. “This was so exciting that we are going to make this a tradition. Lots of snow, lots of hooting and hollering, and bluebird blue skies combined to make the perfect sledding day!”

Snow is making its way to Maine.

Snow-loving families will be happy again.

We’ll pull out the sleds and strap on the skis.

Hot chocolate will flow whenever we please.

We’ll play all the games and bundle up good,

With hats, scarves, and mittens and coats with a hood.

No work shall be done, nor a store shall be seen.

We’ll eat all the fridge food until it is clean.

We’ll admire the beauty as we breathe bracing cold air.

Then snuggle in cozy like sleepy old bears. 

By Donna Munro.