THOMASTON — Thomaston residents took the first steps to allow possible industrial development along Route 1 and Buttermilk Road at a Thursday, Jan. 27 special Town Meeting.

Article two, passed at the meeting, granted a conservation easement to the George’s River Land Trust on 62 acres of land owned by the town.

The 62 acres is in the Town Forest, and the town will retain ownership. The land in the Town Forest will continue to have public use as well.

Town leaders explained granting this easement allows deed restrictions on other land to be removed, so businesses can be built on that property.

This property is abutting Route One, Buttermilk Drive and Butler Road.

Pollution Control Superintendent John Fancy said while granting the easement does not guarantee the removal of the other restrictions, the town brought it to voters because they hoped it would happen.

Select Board Member Bill Hahn said the restrictions cannot be removed from the property along Route One without placing the other land in a conservation easement first.

Hahn said the land is already zoned for industrial and described it as “poor conservation land.” Hahn said the land is an existing wetland with 20 acres of good land.

One the restrictions are removed, businesses can be built on this land, which would increase the tax base in Thomaston.

While Hahn said the town did not know exactly how much this increase would be, “we know it’s bigger than zero.”

Charlie Grover of the Economic Development Committee said one company interested in building on the land would grow strawberries.

Grover said any business in that land would be light industrial commercial only.

This article also authorized the Select Board to spend up to $8,000 from a fund through Dragon Cement known as the TIF.

This money does not affect taxes.

Also passed were amendments to the Village Cemetery Ordinance, and the transfer of $26,427 from one Dragon Cement fund to another.

The money transfer will reimburse funds spent on the Thomaston parks and Recreational Trails Masterplan.

Town Manager Kara George said this was just moving money.

The ordinance amendments were described by Joanne Richards at an earlier Select Board meeting as being minor changes that would assist with the operations of the group. Richards is the Cemetery Board of Trustees chair.

There were 17 registered Thomaston voters present, including members of the Select Board.

Mike Mayo of Thomaston was elected as moderator and sworn in by Town Clerk Melissa Stevens.