CAMDEN — Following a lengthy discussion Jan. 20, the Camden Planning Board voted 4-1 to approve a 106-foot residential pier extending into Sherman Cove from 26 Harbor Road.

William Gartley of Gartley & Dorsky Engineering & Surveying presented the plans for the pier for owners John Rixon and Mary Kelley. The plan for the pier includes a seasonal gangway and a 240-square-foot float. It is located near some eel grass.

Neighbors of the property sent emailed comments to the Planning Board expressing their support for the project, and noted that the couple owning it are welcome additions to the neighborhood.

The project was also considered by the town Harbor Committee and Harbor Master Steve Pixley had noted it would result in moving one mooring.

The application included permits from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Plans from Gartley & Dorsky Engineering & Surveying show a side view of the Harbor Road pier project.

Board member Andrew Smith voted against the approval.

Smith argued that the pier is too low and will interfere with navigation. Specifically, he raised concerns that kayakers could not go under the pier at high tide.

Chair Ethan Shaw said the kayakers could go around the pier and argued it did not extend so far out as to make that a problem.

Smith said younger kayakers like to stick closer to the shore and could be affected.

He also raised concerns the pier would be underwater at the highest astronomical tide.

Other board members noted the ordinance limits the height of piers in Camden to six feet. The people building piers would like to build them higher, but the ordinance would need to be changed first.

The board voted 4-1 to defeat a motion that the project would adversely affect recreational activity. Smith was the only supporter of that finding.

Following that vote the board approved the project.

Altogether, the board worked for three and a half hours during that meeting on this and other matters.

Plans for a new pier at Harbor Road were presented to the Camden Planning Board by Gartley & Dorsky Engineering & Surveying.


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