Want to make sure to share this information from you (taken from my monthly subscriber newsletter) before it becomes February!

Mars now in Capricorn is terrific for accomplishing goals and being well organized so had to tell you about it.

January 24 – March 6 Mars is in Capricorn and favors building new styles of structures. We’ll see designs for homes and business buildings that honor the environment. They might have plants and herbs growing on the roof like in Europe.

January 25 – February 14 Mercury is still retrograde and now back in Capricorn and will turn direct on February 3 while it’s still in Capricorn. Mercury was in Capricorn from December 13 until January 2 before going retrograde. This placement has a practical approach to work and budgeting finances for example the way we spend money on Christmas is much more sensible than in the past.

January 26 – 28 Mercury is conjunct Pluto, which finds you obsessed with getting answers. You want the truth. Research quells your curiosity to know more.

January 28 – 30  The Sun is in a square (90 degree) aspect with Uranus. The energy is tense and disruptive. You don’t want anyone telling you what to do or how to think. You have little patience and no tolerance for being treated disrespectfully.

February 1 The New Moon is precisely at 12:46 a.m. This is the Chinese Lunar New Year and the year of the Tiger, which symbolizes spontaneity, many unexpected surprises, novelty innovations, and determination. The New Moon includes the Sun, Moon, and Saturn all conjunct at 12 degrees of Aquarius in a difficult aspect to Uranus in Taurus. This is the “don’t tell me what to do” cycle. Be thoughtful with your words when addressing young people. They want your respect and admiration. It’s best with Saturn involved to set up a routine you can stick with and deal with issues right away. Don’t put off dealing with any health concerns. There could be more options than you realize.

For my the year of the Tiger has to do with power. Ad I see it that means each one of us recognizes the power within and how it can be used to align with “the Divine Plan,” which seems out of reach of our understanding which is why we “pray” to learn what that is!

I also feel that the Year of the Tiger is about learning to deeply relax as you see in this gorgeous photo of a tiger!!!!

Year of the tiger.