The Rockport Garden Club recently elected Martha Bouchard as its 36th president. Members of the 2022 Executive Board are Mary Miller: vice president; Helen Kuhl, recording secretary; Rhoda Silva, corresponding secretary and David Miller, treasurer.

From its earliest beginnings, the Rockport Garden Club’s goal has been to beautify the community while enjoying the art of gardening. That Rockport Garden Club legacy continues in its support of other projects that beautify the town, such as the recent renovation of the Andre the Seal sculpture. The scope of the Rockport Garden Club has increased throughout the years. An important part of the club’s mission statement it annual support of scholarships to community members pursuing education in fields related to horticulture and the environment.

The Rockport Garden Club hosts nine monthly programs of horticultural interest that are open and free to the public beginning in April each year. They are held the first Thursday of each month, through the month of December.

For more information about the Rockport Garden Club, or its efforts to keep Rockport beautiful, call Gail at 706-6719.