More homes were sold during 2021 in Knox County than any year on record, while prices reached record high levels.

The Maine Association of Realtors issued Thursday, Jan. 20 its year-end wrap-up of 2021.

According to the report, 742 single-family homes were sold in Knox County during 2021. That was a seven percent increase from the 694 sales during 2020. These two pandemic years were far greater than the 582 sales in 2019, 617 in 2018, 603 in 2017, and 573 in 2016.

The median price of the single-family homes sold during 2021 in Knox County reached a record high of $344,000, an increase of 28 percent from $268,250 in 2020. The median price in 2019 was $236,125; in 2018 it was $245,000; in 2017 the median price was $204,000; and in 2016 it was $212,000.

The final quarter of 2021 saw a median price of $375,000 in Knox County.

The Knox County median price in 2021 of $344,000 was 15 percent more than the statewide median price of $299,000. Prices ranged from a high of $434,900 in Cumberland County to a low of $120,000 in Aroostook County.

The median price in Lincoln County was $351,000 and the median price in Waldo County was $270,000.

“Overall, 2021 was a record-breaking year for residential real estate in Maine,” said Madeleine Hill, 2022 president of the Maine Association of Realtors and designated broker at Roxanne York Real Estate on Bailey Island in a news release. “The sales year ended with historic highs for the number of reported transactions (20,401) and median sales price ($299,000) since we began compiling data more than 21 years ago.

“2021 began with positive momentum following the 2020 COVID shutdown. Since July, sales demand has been strong, but constrained, due to tight for-sale inventory availability,” Hill said. “As a result of the supply-demand imbalance, most markets have experienced decreased number of units sold, but double-digit appreciation for median sold prices.”