Wildlife biologist Allison Brehm will lead a presentation about how the individual personalities of wildlife affect surrounding forest ecosystems in a webinar presented by Merryspring Nature Center Tuesday, Feb. 1 at noon.

Personality traits in humans can be obvious and easy to observe, but what about personalities in wildlife? From insects and rodents to cats and dogs, animals behave consistently different from one-another. Personality can influence where an animal lives, its diet, and even its chance of survival. In this program, Allison Brehm will speak about research being conducted at the Morelliti lab at the University of Maine. Brehm’s work investigates why small mammals living in Maine behave the way they do, and how animal personalities influence forest ecosystems by impacting natural processes such as seed predation and dispersal.

Allison Brehm is a doctoral candidate in ecology and environmental science at the University of Maine. Always fascinated by animal behavior, Brehm has conducted research on small mammals around the globe, including following family groups of meerkats in South Africa. Brehm holds a Master of Science in wildlife ecology from the University of Maine.

This talk is part of the Online Winter Talk series at Merryspring Nature Center. Access to a computer or smart device is required to attend. Please email info@merryspring.org to register for this program. Zoom links will be sent on the morning of the program. Attendance is free for all.

Merryspring is located at the end of Conway Road, just off Route 1 in Camden, behind Hannaford Shopping Plaza. For more information on this program, contact info@merryspring.org or call 236-2239.