HOPE — A home and barn were destroyed Saturday night, Jan. 15 from a fire.

Crews from around the region did their best to tackle the blaze, but the fire got a head start before firefighters arrived.

The fire was reported shortly after 10 p.m. at 258 Hope St., near the intersection of Gillette Road. When the first firefighter arrived, the barn was engulfed in flames. The people living in the adjacent home evacuated the house.

The property is owned by Harold Mosher.

There were no injuries.

In addition to Hope, crews from Union, Warren, Appleton, Rockport, and Lincolnville were assisting. A tanker truck was requested by Hope from both Lincolnville and from Warren.

Temperatures in Hope were at zero degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind that dropped the wind chill to below zero when the call came in. Road crews were requested to spread sand because the roads had become covered in ice from the water being used to douse the flames.

Multiple calls were made to the Maine Department of Transportation for a crew to bring sand.

A car was also destroyed in the fire.

Hope firefighters returned to the scene Sunday shortly before 8 a.m. to put out smoldering remnants in the house.

Stephen Betts