Snow Bowl

I am concerned about the possible expenditure of up to $55,000 for repair of Snow Bowl grading equipment related to skiing operation. I hope that the Camden Select Board and interested citizens will look to the future concerning global warming, costs to the environment in making snow, and tax pax payers’ obligations in their decision. Look at the 2021 Town Report page 31. Investigate costs of replacing that equipment verses repair. Investigate possibility of selling that equipment to another ski enterprise that is less likely to be affected by global warming in the near future. Emphasis on the snow has benefits to some in the community, but not all. Ask the Select Board to think about all aspects before spending taxpayers’ money on this request.

Nina Holland



Masked Out

We needed to buy a new window shade, so I went to my favorite big box store. To go in, I dutifully put on a face mask as recommended, one of those little standard-issue paper jobs with elastics for your ears, just like the one Sara was wearing when she came up to help me. Window shades mostly come in one length and get cut down to the size you want with a big cutting machine. We picked one out. Then Sara went off to change into a different mask. After she vacuumed some old dust from the machine, she ran my shade through the big Trim-n-Go cutter.

What does that tell you about masks? There are masks you wear for social reasons, but when you get down and dirty and really want to filter out dust and all the stuff that can really make you sick, you need the mask they keep behind the counter. If a mask will not spare you from the dust you can see, how much help will it be for microscopic particles…like a virus? Just asking.

David G. Reed,



Gratitude for Midcoast business generosity

Thanks to the generosity of several Midcoast businesses, Adas Yoshuron Synagogue’s Annual Christmas Day Community Dinner, served takeout-style at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, was a huge success. I’d like to thank Fred Ribeck, of Ribeck Design in Rockport, for designing our poster. Thank you, Chef Patrick Cazemajou of the Atlantic Baking Co., for donating desserts and salads. Thank you, John Barnstein, owner of Mainely Poultry, for donating the turkeys. And thank you, Melissa Kelly, chef of Primo, and your staff, for not only cooking the turkeys and the entire turkey dinner, but packaging it, delivering it to St. Peter’s, and donating your time and work. Two hundred delicious meals were prepared and distributed to guests who came to the church and to Midcoast hospitals and emergency service organizations.

Linda Garson Smith